Microelectronics design center mephius was created at NRNU MEPhI

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On June 8, 2022, an agreement was signed at NRNU MEPhI to establish the Mephius Full Cycle Microelectronics Design Center. Its participants, in addition to the university itself, were 11 leading Russian companies in the IT industry. The task of the Design Center is import substitution in an extremely sensitive segment of the industry for Russia. This was reported to CNews by representatives of NRNU MEPhI.

The heads of NRNU MEPhI, the Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences and domestic leaders in the field of electronics and software signed the agreement: MCST, Baikal Electronics, Hi-Tech, Astra Linux Group, Eremex, KEAZ, Timtech, Kraftway , Aerodisk and Vedavroekt.

Design Center Director Valentin Klimov (left) and Deputy Director Vladislav Samoilov

Mephius will provide advanced technology development and full cycle microelectronics design and system software services. As noted by the participants in the signing of the agreement, the prerequisite for the emergence of the Design Center was the current political and economic situation, in which the achievement of technological sovereignty by Russia is one of the top priorities.

The design center has been implemented as a division of NRNU MEPhI, and at the same time will work in close contact with industrial partner companies. Together with them it is planned to create laboratories and training centers. Already in September, it is planned to open authorized training centers of Astra Linux and Eremex Group of Companies.

Both large Russian corporations and foreign clients in the Middle East, Latin America and South Africa should become potential consumers and customers of the center’s applied developments.

In addition to applied developments, the center will conduct scientific research on such topics as modern IP-block architectures, cryptography, advanced logical models of architectures, technology for creating software models of systems on a chip based on binary translation systems, technology for compatibility of codes of different architectures.

The center plans to implement master’s programs, specialist programs and additional education in such areas as the open microprocessor architecture RISC-V, the development of IP blocks and SDKs, the development of trusted HSS and platforms, the development of operating systems, the development of microelectronics CAD. The first will be the master’s program “Development of high-performance microprocessors and computer equipment”, launched in September in partnership with the MCST company.

“Mephius, together with its industrial partners, will create a comprehensive training center for training highly demanded specialists in the design of microprocessors, IP blocks, CAD, OS, compilers, hyperconverged systems and other solutions,” said the Director of the Design Center Valentin Klimov.

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Companies of different specializations will interact on the same site: developing different types of microprocessors, electronics products, world-class technologies and software, as well as providing various types of services for the development of advanced microelectronics, electronics and software.

Solutions of these companies, noted the rector of NRNU MEPhI Vladimir Shevchenkoare able to largely complement each other, which allows us to count on a serious synergistic effect.

“Among the unique projects of the center is the creation of a comprehensive CAD system for microelectronics (system, logical and physical levels), a domestic graphics processor, smart SSD technology, as well as machine learning algorithms for automated design of advanced microprocessor architectures, IP blocks. Within the framework of the center, a test site will be created for the system integration of domestic solutions of its industrial partners and implementation within the framework of the import substitution program. The center will also provide technology consulting services for the development and implementation of domestic products and technologies in the field of microelectronics and software, as well as train personnel,” said the Deputy Director of the Design Center Vladislav Samoilov.

The Mephius Design Center will occupy an entire floor in the Scientific Laboratory Building of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI with an area of ​​about 2,500 sq. m. The center should be fully operational from September 2022.

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At the initial stage, the tasks of import substitution in the center will be solved by at least 50 employees, in the future, their number should increase several times.

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