Microsoft has created another digital notebook. Journal looks great, but without a tablet it will be useless to you

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It already has a universal OneNote, including a Whiteboard, but Microsoft has found a place for a third similar program. It’s called Journal and you can try it on Windows 10 and 11.

The application was created last year as a so-called garage project, which Microsoft employees designed in their spare time. But the company liked it and now it has turned it into a tool that we have to reckon with in the future.

The Journal is similar to Whiteboard in that there is virtually no reason to use it without a stylus. But while the previous application consisted of one infinitely large whiteboard, the Journal divides the notes into notebooks and then into individual pages. Just a journal.

You can draw and write with the pen, the application can also search in handwritten text and understand its structure. It recognizes lists (they have numbers or bullets), headings (they are underlined) and links (with an at sign). Using pen and gesture, texts and graphics can be freely moved, deleted or duplicated. You don’t just have to draw in a blank workbook, you can also insert pictures or the whole PDF into it. The Journal can also link to your calendar and contacts, but you need a school or work account, and a standard Microsoft ID is not enough.

The application fits nicely into the new Windows 11 environment. He does not recognize Czech texts, nor does he speak our language. However, as Microsoft moved the Journal to the “we will do it” box, this may change in the future.

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