Microsoft is preparing the smallest Xbox. The so-called Keystone will only be used for streaming games

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In March, the mysterious code name Keystone appeared in the Xbox code. Microsoft has now confirmed for Windows Central magazine that this is a long-speculated box that will bring streamed games from the Game Pass to TVs and monitors. The release is definitely not around the corner yet, the company is still honing the details, so it hasn’t even released more information about features or availability.

But we don’t need a lot of imagination. Keystone will probably be what Chromecast Ultra is for Google Stadium or Fire TV Stick for Amazon Luna. That is, a small box that connects to HDMI, the Internet and the gamepad and makes available console games where there is no console and the display will not have its own xbox application, which is also the direction Microsoft is heading.

Classic Xbox Series S and X consoles cost 299 and 299, respectively. $ 499, Keystone could theoretically get to Bata’s $ 99, depending on another subscription. Game Pass Ultimate costs $ 15 per month.

Windows Central speculates that Keystone could run on the Windows kernel, which could theoretically mean the availability of the classic Store with other applications. This would come in handy for non-gaming services such as Netflix, HBO Max or Disney +, but Microsoft has not yet commented on that either.

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