Microsoft poached a top manager who put the US public sector on Amazon clouds

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Microsoft has hired Teresa Carlson as Corporate Vice President and CEO. Thanks to her, the cloud service Amazon Web Services, in which Teresa left Microsoft after nine years of work, has become the world leader in the cloud market. Microsoft is in second place behind AWS, and it is possible that the company wants to use the experience of Carlson to take away the palm from Amazon.

Personnel changes in the top management of Microsoft

Microsoft hires former VP of Amazon Web Services Teresa Carlson (Teresa Carlson), writes the portal NextGov. Her tasks, among other things, included the promotion of the Amazon cloud in the public sector, for which she held regular meetings with government officials, in which she campaigned for them to introduce Amazon cloud services in departments.

In particular, it was Carlson who oversaw the AWS implementation deal at the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The department’s transition to the Amazon cloud was completed in 2013.

According to NextGov, Teresa Carlson has built AWS into a leading provider of public sector cloud solutions over the years. When she joined the company in December 2010, Amazon was just discovering this market segment and could not count on a dominant position.

Teresa Carlson may strengthen Microsoft’s position in the cloud market

By 2020, thanks to the efforts of Carlson, the number of government customers of Amazon Web Services has exceeded 5000. Also, 10 thousand educational institutions and 28 thousand non-profit organizations used the company’s clouds at that time. Also in 2020, Carlson was commissioned by Amazon to drive AWS forward in healthcare and finance. In June 2020, Amazon Web Services created a new division for aerospace and satellite customers. The question of choosing its leader was not even raised – it was immediately headed by Carlson.

Frame cycling in the cloud

Carlson left AWS in April 2021, having spent ten and a half years of her life working for the company. This is currently her record for the longest tenure at a single company.

Importantly, Carlson already has experience at Microsoft. Before moving to Amazon Web Services, she worked for the software giant for nine years. She joined Microsoft in November 2001 and ended her career with Microsoft in November 2010.

The result of Carlson’s 10-year career at Amazon

It is noteworthy that at Microsoft, before leaving for Amazon, Teresa Carlson was engaged in promoting the corporation’s products in the public sector. As stated in her LinkedIn profile (owned by Microsoft, blocked in Russia), she “led the strategy and execution of sales, contracting, pre-sales technical support, product marketing, customer satisfaction and federal business efficiency around the world.”

What Microsoft is up to

Teresa Carlson, in fact, used her nine years of experience at Microsoft to turn Amazon Web Services into the world leader in the cloud services market. Microsoft itself is represented in this market, but in terms of its share, it is still far from AWS.

So, according to Statista for the fourth quarter of 2021, Amazon held 33% of the global cloud market. Microsoft for the same period had 21%, and this is the second place, and Google closed the top three with a 10 percent share. Together, these three companies, all from the US, account for 64% of the world’s clouds.

The whole career path of Carlson

At the time of publication of the material, Microsoft did not say why it needed to poach a former top manager who left her staff almost 12 years ago. Teresa Carlson herself also does not voice the goals of her return to her former employer, simultaneously not disclosing either the amount of the contract or the period for which it was signed.

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Also, there is no data yet on exactly what tasks Teresa will solve while working for Microsoft. it is only known that in the corporation she took the positions of corporate vice president and executive director (Corporate Vice President, Executive-in-Residence).

The journey from Microsoft to Amazon and back

Carlson ended her career at Amazon at its peak, leaving the company in April 2021. She moved to Splunk, a company that develops web-based machine-generated data search, monitoring, and analysis software.

At Splunk, founded in 2003, she has served as the company’s president and chief development officer. At the end of 2021, Splunk received $2.67 billion in revenue with a net loss of $1.34 billion. Carlson’s career in this company ended in March 2022.

In the summer of 2021, Carlson founded KnightSwan Acquisition Corp, a special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC). At the time of publication, she was the non-executive chairman of its board of directors.

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Also since May 2022, Teresa Carlson has been a member of the board of directors of the American company Karat. It acts as a partner of organizations to search for candidates for various vacancies. Her job is to conduct interviews.

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