Microsoft saves ugly images using AI. This will make the web the most beautiful in Edgi

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If the image is of poor quality, ie it suffers from low resolution, high compression, it may even have been poor quality at the time of creation due to various factors, there is not much you can do about it. Respectively, no procedure guarantees miraculous improvement. But we are not standing still. Microsoft shows that a model based on deep learning can image quality visibly improved.

The successful result is the Microsoft Turing team, which called its model Turing Image Super-Resolution (T-ISR). It is applied to aerial images in Bing Mapswhere it applies to all types of terrain. According to an internal survey, users in 98% of cases prefer images modified by a computer algorithm.

Microsoft also releases the T-ISR model into its Internet browser, although it is a pilot. It is not clear how many installations the activation currently concerns, the function is gradually activated in Edgi Canary. The manufacturer has ambitions turn into an edge in the browser where they will be pictures work best. Take a look at some comparison pictures in the gallery.

Sources: Microsoft Bing Blogs

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