Microsoft updates PowerToys for Windows 11

Microsoft updates PowerToys for Windows 11

Microsoft continues to update its software for the release Windows 11 . Mainly the applications that it will deliver with the operating system, but also other lateral development applications such as these PowerToys that made our lives easier in Windows 95 and that the firm recovered a couple of years ago for Windows 10.

PowerToys for Windows 11 will have a more modern look in line with the fluent design language used. At a first glance, it gives a much better sense of integration and also improves things from an point of view accessibility .

Microsoft officials have shared on Twitter a small GIF of the configuration page in light and dark modes, and it looks a lot like the redesign made in the general system control application:

For those who do not know them, say that these PowerToys are a set of utilities prepared as external tools that improve the native ones of the system , the integrated Windows controls, their customization and even productivity in some tasks. Certainly, Windows is not an easy operating system to customize and adapt to the needs of each user, which is why there is a good collection of third-party software to customize Windows .

PowerToys was a must-have for average and advanced users on Windows 95 and except for a version for Windows XP in 2002, it slept the sleep of the righteous until Microsoft resurrected them in 2019 as an open source, external development project hosted on GitHub. It still does not have the number of promised profits, but their number has continued to increase as its performance has improved.

If you want to test them, download the ” file PowerToysSetup ” and run it. When the service starts you will see a PowerToys icon in the system tray. Selecting the icon launches the setup UI . The user interface displays all the individual tools installed, enables and disables them, and provides settings for each utility. There is also a link to the help document for them. To stop the service simply right-click on the tray icon.

And soon a new version. The PowerToys for Windows 11 promise to improve the look and feel of these tools that were super useful in Windows 95.

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