Microsoft wants to kill hard drives for the operating system. SSDs may be a necessity as early as 2023

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In terms of storage, with the latest Windows 11 operating system, the minimum specification states “64 GB or larger” without further details. However, according to Trendfocus sources and information from computer and laptop manufacturers, this requirement may change next year.

Microsoft is trying to stop manufacturers from using slow hard disks for system storage where Windows 11 is installed. also Windows Subsystem for Android.

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Both of these advanced features require an SSD to run and will not work on hard drives. To support the new features so that they run on as many computers as possible, Microsoft is pushing computer and laptop manufacturers to use an SSD for the system.

The most popular SSD

Because of this, Microsoft is expected to adjust the minimum requirements for Windows 11 to the SSD in 2023. According to unofficial information, Microsoft wanted to make the change this year, but eventually postponed the deadline to the second half of 2023, with manufacturers still trying to negotiate some special cases for cheap computers so that the deadline for them would not be until 2024.

Switching to an SSD at the system drive is slowly a necessity today, but it has its downsides – you pay less capacity for higher speeds. While for a thousand crowns you buy a 1TB hard drive, for the same price you buy only a 512GB SSD.

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