Microsoft will improve Windows Explorer and Media Player. This is what they will look like

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The panel environment is something that part of the Windows user base calls for in the long run. Microsoft has experimented with panels several times. In one experiment a few years ago, he created a universal panel environment for all programs. For a change, he experimented with panels in Windows Explorer this year.

It was found unofficially, the environment was functional. The panels soon disappeared, but the Redmonds spoke about them officially during April. They promised that we would see them, because it is one of the most frequently requested functions by companies. It’s just obvious that it won’t be in Windows 11 version 22H2.

Now Panel Explorer is back in Windows 11 Insider Preview build 25136which were released into the Dev. It doesn’t seem to have changed anything since the last iteration. The Redmonds made up their minds facelift the side navigation bar in Windows Explorer. So they added two delimiters, the pinned items appear in their own section.

But OneDrive has moved to the top under the Home section and you will also see your name. Folders for the usual file types have disappeared from this computer purely on available units. Also, when browsing folders from OneDrive, the correct path is shown in the address bar.

More events on the taskbar

The development team is smuggling more dynamic content on the taskbar. A button for widgets beyond the content displayed so far, ie weather information, can highlight events in the sport, the world of finance or, in general, important world news. You don’t have to have the news right away, distribution is controlled.

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Microsoft is also testing new versions of two of its applications in the Dev channel. Notepad first released in native version for 64-bit ARM processors. If you have such a computer, you will notice a significant improvement in performance. However, thanks to optimizations, everyone who will work with large files or replace large sections of text will notice better performance. Support for assistive technologies has also improved.

There have also been minor updates Media Playerwhich increases performance for large libraries. Above all, it allows you to sort albums and songs by date added.

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