Minecraft 1.18: What’s New in Experimental Snapshot 5

Minecraft 1.18: What's New in Experimental Snapshot 5

After a brief summer hiatus, Minecraft 1.18 development picked up pace a few weeks ago, and since then Mojang is releasing a new experimental snapshot every week , reaching its fifth iteration this week. As we have already told you about the previous ones, it is essential to remember that we are talking about a version in development, with performance, stability and generation problems in the world, more specifically the Nether and the End.

And from what we can see in this fifth snapshot, Mojang keeps turning the biomes around and around , with the intention that the change in height feels like something natural. This is more complex than it may seem because, of course, personal interpretations come in, as well as the fact of verifying that something that in theory sounded good, when put into practice turns out not to fit so much. In other words, the world of Minecraft 1.18 does not stop moving.

Remember, also, that here we tell you how to install and test the experimental snapshots , and that you cannot use them with the worlds that you already have created in the final versions . I want to think that in September the developers will have already managed to solve the current technical problems and, consequently, we will start to see the first non-experimental snapshots, which bring us closer to the final version of Minecraft 1.18 that will debut, if the plans are not twisted, by the end of the year.

Minecraft 1.18: what’s new in snapshot 5

As we have already been informing you about the news of the latest Minecraft 1.18 snapshots, this time we will mainly talk about the changes from four to five. If you want to review the history, this was the first snapshot , the third was published fifteen days ago and the one that, until yesterday was the last, was released last week .

The mountains keep growing. Peak biomes are now larger in size . This is added to the fact that its height will never exceed layer 260, so it will be possible to make all kinds of height constructions on its tops (remember that in Minecraft 1.18 the building height rises up to layer 320, and that the base the world drops to -64). In previous snapshots, the maximum height was lowered, unintentionally, so if you tested them in previous snapshots, you may notice this difference. And it is also possible that you will find more pointed mountain tops.

Do you remember that we told you that in Minecraft 1.18, based on what was seen in snapshot 4, the swamps would only be generated near the coast? Well this has been reversed in this snapshot . And personally it seems to me a quite logical change, because after all this type of formation, in the real world, can occur at a great distance from the coastline. In addition, the trees can grow in somewhat deeper waters than in previous versions.

Minecraft 1.18: What's New in Experimental Snapshot 5

There is also news in relation to the rivers of Minecraft 1.18, another element that aims to improve substantially over previous versions. In this snapshot its depth has been adjusted, as well as the slopes of its banks. Its integration with the swamps has also been improved , generating more natural transitions, instead of abrupt cuts as we have seen in the past.

The badlands (one of my favorite biomes) may be somewhat smaller and, a change that affects all biomes, is that the flat areas will tend to be slightly less than in snapshot 4 . And it is that this change was accidental, the component that generates small irregularities in said surfaces was eliminated by mistake.

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And without leaving the water bodies, from this snapshot lakes will no longer be generated in hot and dry biomes , such as desert, savanna and badlands. I understand the logic behind this change, but on the other hand, we are so used to finding lakes in the middle of the desert that it will probably be strange that this does not happen as of Minecraft 1.18.

What they are not clear about in Mojang is with the generation of mobs . Same number of creatures regardless of layer? That the number varies depending on the height? They have tried both options but, both for their own reasons and based on the feedback received, it seems that neither has finished convincing them. At the moment the difference by height will remain, although we still do not know if it will be something definitive in Minecraft 1.18.

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