Modulbank started issuing bank guarantees around the clock

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Modulbank began issuing bank guarantees around the clock.

The service is available to the bank’s clients, including young entrepreneurs who have recently registered a business and do not yet have experience in government contracts. To apply, you need to have an electronic digital signature and provide a minimum of documents.

The round-the-clock service helps make participation in tenders even more accessible for young entrepreneurs. Now they do not need to lay extra time on issuing a bank guarantee. Also, if the decision to participate in the procurement was made late or there was a hitch with the approval of the application for a bank guarantee in another bank, Modulbank will help to implement the plans.

“Our goal is to help our clients grow their business. We see an active request from entrepreneurs, we see a real need. Therefore, we decided to switch to a round-the-clock mode of issuing bank guarantees,” said Pavel SemenovAdvisor to the Board of Directors, Member of the Board of Directors of Modulbank.

You can apply for a bank guarantee in your Modulbank personal account.

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