More than 400 Microsoft employees will suffer from the flight of the company from Russia

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Microsoft is reducing its business in Russia. This decision will affect more than 400 employees. At the same time, the company does not use the word “downsizing” and assures that employees will be supported. Despite the reduction in business, the corporation will continue to fulfill its obligations to existing Russian customers.

Microsoft in Russia is reduced

The American corporation Microsoft is significantly reducing its business in Russia. More than 400 Russian employees will be laid off. This is stated in an email to the corporation, writes Bloomberg.

It is worth noting that Bloomberg, as well as Microsoft representatives, use the word affected in relation to employees (translated from English as “affect”, “suffer”). More than 400 employees will be affected, according to a company spokesperson. “We are working closely with affected employees to ensure they are treated with respect and our full support during this difficult time,” Microsoft said in a statement.

Representatives of Microsoft in Russia refused to answer the question about what kind of support in question.

This is not the first reduction in the staff of the corporation in Russia. In June 2021, CNews wrote about a sharp reduction in the number of employees in the Russian division of Microsoft. At that time, there were about 300 of them, although in 2016 the office employed 500 people, and two years earlier – 1000.

Sales in Russia

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the company will continue to fulfill its obligations to Russian customers while the suspension of new sales is in effect. Recall that at the beginning of March 2022, Microsoft suspended its activities in Russia. This applied only to new sales of products to Russian customers.

More than 400 employees will suffer from “business reduction” of Microsoft in Russia

A month later, in April, Microsoft decided to continue working in Russia. According to its president Brad Smith (Brad Smith), the corporation will cooperate with clients who have so far been spared international anti-Russian sanctions. As an example, he cited a number of public institutions, including schools and hospitals.

Smith noted that depriving schools and hospitals of updates to Microsoft products would endanger the health and safety of innocent civilians, including children and the elderly.

At the same time, the corporation at that time was discussing with the governments of the United States, Great Britain and the EU the issue of a complete “cessation of the provision of current services and support” in Russia.

Departure from Russia of other players

The day before, on June 7, it became known about the final departure of IBM from Russia. The official website of the company stopped opening from Russian IP addresses.

At the moment, it is not known what will happen to the employees of the Russian office of IBM. Will they be reduced or will they be transported, as, for example, it happened with the IT people of the German Deutsche Bank.

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