More than 5.5 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises in Moscow have received financial support since the beginning of 2022

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In 2022, more than 5.5 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises of the city received financial support from the Moscow government. Deputy Mayor announced this Natalya Sergunina. Only through the Moscow Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development, 70 measures are provided for them, 25 of which have been approved since the beginning of March in response to a request from the business community. This includes grants, concessional loans and guarantees, free educational programs and consultations.

“Since the beginning of the year, support for a total amount of more than 14 billion rubles. received over 5.5 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises. The city subsidizes rates on loans and factoring agreements, acts as a guarantor for loans, provides grants for equipment, patents, the opening of new catering outlets and other purposes. A set of priority anti-sanction measures was taken in cooperation with the business community,” said Natalia Sergunina.

In particular, a series of industry meetings with entrepreneurs was held by Sergei Sobyanin. Also, representatives of various fields sent their proposals to the capital headquarters for business protection. It operates as a one-stop-shop within the structure of the Moscow government, where you can turn to with any business-related question or an initiative to improve the business climate. Since March, it has received hundreds of proposals on how to reduce the negative effect of sanctions. Dozens of them have been selected for implementation, 59 have already been implemented.

For example, since April, Moscow developers have been able to reimburse the costs of patenting inventions in Russia. They made a request to expand this program – to provide for compensation of expenses not only for inventions, but also for utility models, and also to make this grant available to individual entrepreneurs. The city supported their initiative.

In the spring, a direct line was launched in the capital to promptly inform entrepreneurs about the decisions of the Moscow government and federal authorities. The peak of its demand fell on March-April, and in total, operators processed over 3.5 thousand applications. The city’s business portal has become a kind of navigator for support programs. It is enough to enter the TIN on the site, and the system itself will recommend suitable grants, subsidies and other financial measures.

The Moscow Innovation Cluster (MIC) contributes to the sustainable development of the high-tech sector of the economy. This is an important project for cooperation and communication of innovators, which has already acquired a federal scale.

More than 34.6 thousand organizations have joined it – technology companies, start-ups, industrial enterprises, research and educational institutions. Together they represent almost the entire country – 81 regions of Russia.

MIK helps technology businesses at any stage – from an idea or a startup to an existing successful company. The cluster portal contains all relevant financial support measures – grants, subsidies and concessional lending programs.

In 2020, MIK became the first cluster in the world to start working with individuals – individual developers. To date, more than 57 thousand individuals are registered on the cluster platform.

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Particular attention is paid to import substitution. In April, launched the Svoi Tekhnologii service. With its help, anyone can find the necessary tools and business partners for the development of domestic developments, including suppliers from among Russian companies.

There are also 48 technoparks in Moscow: 42 are already operating, and six more are in the process of being created. More than 2,100 technology companies are located at the existing sites, employing about 70,000 people.

Technoparks have all the necessary infrastructure for the development and production of innovative products: laboratories and clean rooms, specialized testing and certification centers, and so on.

Residents of technology parks receive organizational and financial support from the city. Due to benefits, the overall reduction in the tax burden can reach 25%. The money thus saved by the company is additionally invested in its development.

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The demand for infrastructure for innovation in Moscow is consistently high – the share of vacant space in technoparks is only about 1%.

The new largest project is the technological valley of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. Now there is an active phase of construction of its first clusters on Sparrow Hills. There will be a special legal status and tax regime, which, along with advanced scientific and technical equipment, will reduce the time from an idea to the release of competitive products on the market. On the territory of 17.5 hectares, it is planned to build nine clusters with a total area of ​​455 thousand square meters.

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