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Mozilla announces the end of Firefox Lockwise support

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We talked to you a while ago about Firefox Relay, a new service that Mozilla is launching to attract paying users and which will expand its range of privacy protection applications and services a bit, according to news others like Mozilla VPN and the Password manager Firefox Lockwisethat you can now say goodbye to.

Well, the latter officially goes down in history, as does the company itself right now Support page. Specific, Mozilla will end support for Firefox Lockwise on December 13, 2021which means the applications are disappearing from the Android and iOS stores and can no longer be installed.

The end of Firefox Lockwise support also means applications will stop receiving updates, including those who installed them, and if they don’t delete them, they can keep using them … but if they do, then we don’t recommend itMozilla released Firefox Lockwise in 2018 for iOS and 2019 for Android, but the maintenance of both applications has been very poor.

So it’s enough to take a look on Google Play to see how the Firefox Lockwise average score is around 3.6, despite the fact that the negative reviews for its malfunction they are the dominant trend in the last few months. More information: Mozilla last updated Firefox Lockwise for Android almost a year ago.

Firefox Lockwise

Firefox Lockwise

If you made it this far, you already know Firefox Lockwise was still it is, but as if it wasn’t – an attempt at a password manager in the form of an app, but linked to the data stored in the Firefox browser that Mozilla started to package its offer … but it’s in the Borage water remained, like so many other things in this company.

In fact, Mozilla seems to want to distance itself from Google, the more it resembles the technological giant in forms, and it doesn’t matter what value this or that functionality has for the group and the users: if it doesn’t work with large numbers, that Campfire, that’s a shame.

As more or less recent examples we have those of Firefox Send and Firefox Notes, although the latter survives among the other Firefox extensions with a terrible maintenance … it should no longer be Android or iOS applications to rely on notice.

But don’t despair if you are a Firefox user and Lockwise is one of your mobile toolsbecause in this case the result is not that bad. As you know or should know, since the launch of Firefox 93, the mobile version of the browser – at least for Android – has evolved into a password manager with almost all of the features you would expect. More information here.

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