MSI Modern Reviews. It looks like a touch screen monitor, but it’s a modern all-in-one

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The advantage of an all-in-one computer over a laptop is a larger display, compared to a classic computer, a significant saving of space and the possibility of touch control, which will offer you, for example, the new MSI Modern AM242TP.

This all-in-one computer looks unobtrusive, looking like a classic monitor with extremely narrow frames around the display. It is available not only in tested black, but also in white. It saves a lot of space on the table and ensures order in the cables, because usually only one power supply leads to it, the power supply, which can also be passed through a hole in the leg.

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Ask someone who sees the picture. Apparently it will answer that monitor and some peripherals. The computer is simply not visible.

The computer can even be positioned as a monitor – thanks to the foot with a sliding mechanism, you can change the height of the display in the range of 135 mm and the screen can then be tilted forwards (up to 4 °) and backwards (up to 20 °). In addition to rotating vertically, you only need to rotate to the right and left, you will have to find it more difficult to rotate the entire computer with the stand. You can also place the computer on a wall or pointing arm, just replace the stand with a VESA mount.

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The computer is quite stable on a massive heavy stand, swaying only slightly when using the touch control.

The display needs to be adjusted

The large 23.8 “IPS display is the pride of this computer – it has Full HD resolution, good viewing angles, matte finish and is also easy to operate with a joystick, so it meets all the requirements for efficient work. However, tests have shown that color accuracy is not the best – the average color deviation ΔE was 4.62, and even if you set the sRGB mode, the sRGB color space is not fully covered. then they have full colors, but there is no lack of manual settings in user mode, so you can customize and calibrate them, but the MSI display could have been better tuned.

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