MTS has completed the deployment of the federal network of the Internet of things in Russia

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MTS PJSC, a Russian company providing digital, media and telecommunications services, announces the completion of the deployment of the largest federal network of the NB-IoT standard for the Internet of things in all regions of its presence. The company plans to become a key provider of IoT services for energy, industrial, agricultural companies, as well as large federal smart city projects. Representatives of MTS reported this to CNews.

Now the MTS network for the Internet of things in Russia covers over 90% of potential users. There are more than 45 thousand base stations in the network, in the first quarter of 2022 their number increased by 14% compared to the first quarter of 2021. In 2022-2023. it is planned to deploy more than 10 thousand base stations of the NB-IoT standard. The company will continue to upgrade its network to provide customers with stable coverage in hard-to-reach areas of the country or far from populated areas.

Now the MTS NB-IoT network provides services for more than 76 thousand business clients, including large resource-supplying organizations, enterprises in the housing and communal services segment and manufacturers of smart devices. The MTS infrastructure now allows the implementation of any large-scale federal projects based on NB-IoT. In the future, the network can work with several hundred million devices across Russia, since one BS can serve up to 50 thousand connected devices in the NB-IoT standard.

“We plan to strengthen our position as a key provider of IoT services for business, as well as become a support platform for the deployment of large-scale federal projects based on Internet of Things networks, such as the digitalization of the power grid complex, mining enterprises and agriculture, the launch of intelligent trains, smart city solutions ”, – said the head of the IoT strategy of MTS Anton Salov.

According to MTS, in 2021 the volume of the IoT market in Russia, taking into account data transmission services, sales of equipment and software, amounted to about 148.5 billion rubles, by 2025 the market will reach over 190 billion rubles.

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NB-IoT is an energy-efficient communication network for the Internet of things. It allows devices to work up to 10 years without changing the battery, and also has improved penetrating power, which provides a stable signal in places that are hard to reach for other communication standards, such as basements. Unlike other LPWAN networks, NB-IoT operates in a licensed frequency spectrum over cellular networks, which guarantees data transmission security. Additionally, MTS uses the SCEF (Service Capability Exposure Function) element in the network architecture, which allows you to transfer data from an IoT device to a platform without using IP addresses, which increases the security of transmitted data.

Public Joint Stock Company Mobile TeleSystems (MTS PJSC) is a company providing mobile and fixed communication services, data transmission and Internet access, cable and satellite TV broadcasting; provider of digital services, including fintech and media within ecosystems and mobile applications; provider of IT solutions in the field of unified communications, internet of things, monitoring, data processing, cloud computing. In Russia, Belarus and Armenia, about 88 million subscribers use the mobile communication services of the MTS group.

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