MTS turned on LTE speeds in 15 more villages and towns of the Novosibirsk region

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MTS carried out work to improve the quality of communication and “dispersed” the Internet by 20% in the regions of the Novosibirsk region.

To increase the speed of the Internet, MTS installed additional equipment in 15 settlements of the Kolyvansky, Dovolensky, Zdvinsky, Iskitimsky, Krasnozersky, Moshkovsky, Toguchinsky and Cherepanovsky districts. As a result, more than 9,000 residents of the region received access to MTS high-speed LTE Internet. Representatives of MTS reported this to CNews.

High-quality Internet coverage appeared in the Shibkovsky village council, the village of Burmistrovo and the village of Linevo in the Iskitimsky district, Bolshoy Oesh and Pikhtovka in the Kolyvansky district, Oyash in the Bolotninsky district, and Oktyabrsky in the Moshkovsky district. The ability to use the Internet at comfortable speeds was also given to settlements located far from regional centers. Residents of the villages of Lebedevo, Repyevo and L’nikha in the Toguchinsky district, Nizhny Chulym in the Zdvinsky district, Zubkovo in the Krasnozersky district, Baklushi and Suzdalka in the Dovolensky district, Shurygino in the Cherepanovsky district can use 4G Internet from MTS.

“We have provided the ability to use the Internet at speeds up to 100 Mbps for residents of another 15 villages and villages, where often a mobile modem or smartphone is the only way to access the network. In the absence of “wired” Internet, LTE greatly simplifies the life of the villagers, who can now use social networks at a comfortable speed and even watch online movies, both at home and at the sites, ”said the director of MTS in the Novosibirsk Region Alexander Solovenchuk.

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