MTT has developed an application for independent launch of a digital assistant

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The MTT company has created an application for integrating a voice robot into the Bitrix24 system. Users can independently set up various scenarios for communicating with customers.


The provider of intelligent business solutions MTT has released an application with which VoiceBox subscribers can quickly and easily set up the integration of a voice robot in the Bitrix24 CRM system.

Users of the VoiceBox platform can do this on their own, without resorting to the help of a technical specialist from the provider, by downloading the application for free on the Bitrix24 marketplace.

The application is a web widget that allows you to link your VoiceBox and Bitrix accounts and use all the features of a digital assistant: remind you of an appointment with a doctor, confirm courier delivery, receive feedback from customers, conduct mass recruitment and perform other typical processes .

The innovation will be of particular interest to companies that do not have their own IT specialists and scriptologists on staff. The application already contains templates for typical scenarios of communication with clients, with the help of these examples it is easy to set up the logic of the digital assistant’s dialogue with clients. Upon completion of the call, the voice assistant will upload the answers received when making incoming or outgoing calls to the CRM system and generate a report.

Universal constructor

“The application interface is so simple and clear that you can set up VoiceBox integration with the Bitrix24 system in 10 minutes,” commented Ivan Artemiev, MTT Product Director. “Now it will be even easier for our subscribers to optimize business processes and increase the level of sales and quality of service with the help of a digital assistant.”

Voice robot can replace call center operators

VoiceBox is a universal voice robot constructor developed by MTT, with which you can assemble a unique robot depending on the specifics and needs of a particular organization. VoiceBox allows you to receive a set of services in one “window”: a voice robot, communication services and numbering.

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