Musk explained why he is pro-nuclear. It can provide the energy needed for carbon extraction and storage

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Elon Musk is probably one of the most well-known advocates of clean energy, and his company Tesla has built some of the largest battery systems in the world.

Despite this, he recently made it clear that he thinks it’s a mistake to stigmatize nuclear power – especially as we increasingly use a variety of renewable sources.

In the podcast Getting Stoned Musk spoke again about the importance of capturing carbon, when he stated, among other things, that the processes of its extraction from the atmosphere and subsequent storage in solid form require a lot of energy. So why not – at least for now – use the kernel for this purpose?

“Actually, I’m pro-nuclear as well… In my opinion, people shouldn’t shut down nuclear power plants unless they’re in a place that’s prone to natural disasters,” he stated.

“Like the situation in Fukushima. Well, you know there’s a lot of tsunamis and stuff, so it’s probably not a good idea to have a core where natural disasters happen. But in France or Germany, for example, and many parts of the US, there really is no meaningful risk of a natural disaster affecting nuclear power plants. So in that case we shouldn’t close them,” he added.

Bottom line, the famous visionary believes that nuclear is a decidedly better option than coal and other fossil fuels at the moment. However, according to him, solar energy and batteries will play a leading role in the future.

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