“My Office” released a “created from scratch” corporate mail for a million mailboxes

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The first public release of the Mailion corporate mail solution, which is being developed from scratch by the Russian company My Office, has taken place. More than six months were spent testing the product, which, according to the creators, is capable of providing simultaneous operation of 1 million users. The release includes both functional improvements and Microsoft Exchange compatibility improvements.

Mailion release

As it became known to CNews, the developer of Russian software for office workers and collaboration “My Office” has prepared for the first public release its latest product – corporate mail Mailion.

Since the announcement of Mailion, which took place in November 2021, the solution has undergone extensive internal and external testing, including as part of pilot projects on the infrastructure of potential customers, company representatives told CNews. As a result, several new functions for users and administrators were added to the software product, and its compatibility with other mail systems was improved.

In addition, in June 2022, the company fully complied with the requirements of the grant agreement with the Russian Foundation for the Development of Information Technologies (RFRIT), which determined the development stages of Mailion. This made it possible to give the product a version number of 1.0, My Office explains.

The total investment in the Mailion development project in 2021 reached RUB 429 million. Moreover, 298.6 million rubles. were received by “My Office” from RFRIT as a grant.

What is Mailion

The mail solution Mailion, according to the developers, was created “from scratch” and is aimed at large commercial organizations with more than 30,000 employees.

Mailion, firstly, includes a mail server, which, according to representatives of “My Office”, is able to withstand a load of 1 million concurrent users. In addition, the solution offers contact management, scheduling and document viewing tools, as well as an artificial intelligence-based search service that is able to take into account the semantic context of the request.

The product is developed using the Cloud-Native approach (assumes the use of the advantages of the cloud model), is based on a microservice architecture and is designed to be deployed in the infrastructure of the customer or his trusted partner.

The server part of the product, according to the documentation published on the official website of Mailion, can be installed on hardware with Linux operating systems, such as Centos 7.5, Viola (based on the “ninth platform”), Astra Linux Common Edition 2.12.x.

The client part works in popular browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Sputnik. There are stand-alone client applications for Windows 10, macOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian operating systems, as well as an add-on for the Microsoft Outlook mail client .

Pleasant little things for users

Among the changes in Mailion, focused on ordinary users of the system, the developers highlight the appearance of the function of delayed sending a letter. With its help, it became possible to specify the exact date and time of sending a pre-prepared message and configure the settings for notifications about its delivery and reading by the addressee.

Delayed message setting

In addition, the option to automatically reject single meeting invitations has been added to the auto-reply settings for emails. It can be useful if an employee is on a business trip or vacation – the organizer will immediately understand that a particular person is currently unavailable and will not be able to take part in the event.

Auto-reject meeting invitation in action

“In the calendar system, it became possible to transfer the rights to manage an event to another user, for example, an assistant or a colleague,” My Office representatives say. “With the help of this delegation, authorized employees of the organization will be able to make changes to already created meetings – invite other participants or add the necessary resources.”

Help for the administrator

With the release of version 1.0, Mailion system administrators were able to import user lists from JSON and CSV text files instead of manually adding each account. Given the fact that Mailion is positioned as a product for companies with tens or even hundreds of thousands of employees, the importance of this innovation can hardly be overestimated, especially for specialists who perform the initial system setup.

Hybrid integration platform can reduce time-to-market and development costs


Finally, as CNews was told in My Office, now the Mailion administrator can configure automatic authorization and authentication of users registered in the Active Directory directory (Microsoft directory service for Windows Server) in the Mailion web client using the Kerberos protocol. When authorized in the operating system, the user will also be able to enter Mailion.

Improved Compatibility

When migrating a large organization to a new corporate mail, it is important that the solution being implemented can interact with the one being replaced, since the transition to a new product, as a rule, is not carried out at once. Some users in the process are forced to stay on the old one, waiting for their turn, while maintaining the need to exchange information with colleagues already “transplanted” to the new one.

In this regard, Mailion 1.0 provides synchronization of event invitations that are created in the system and stored on Microsoft Exchange mail servers. “Thus, a pilot group of users who already work on Mailion can easily create meetings, add resources and track the employment of those colleagues who, within the organization, still continue to use the old foreign mail solution,” My Office explained to CNews. .

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