Napoleon IT has developed a service for recognizing products and prices in retail grocery chains

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Napoleon IT, a Russian developer of business services, has developed and placed on the marketplace of ready-made ML models AI Services of the ML Space platform the Product Analyzer service, which allows you to recognize goods and prices in Russian grocery stores. During the first month of use, the service is available under the freemium model to all users of the platform. This was reported to CNews by representatives of Napoleon IT.

The Products Analyzer allows retailers to price and categorize products in images. The service can also be used to monitor prices and products of competitors in offline stores in order to expand the product range or adjust pricing. It will also allow you to determine the fullness of the shelves in your own stores, which simplifies the formation of inventory and reduces the profit lost due to untimely display.

The ML models included in the service are trained on images from Russian grocery retail chains; they recognize all goods and their prices in the images. In order to start the recognition process, it is enough to take a picture of the store shelves and upload the images to the service via the API in the service card on the SberCloud ML Space platform.

Using the Product Analyzer service will allow you to avoid the costs of creating your own solution for monitoring prices and shelf occupancy. Also, the service will be appreciated by retail software developers, as it will help to reduce the time-to-market of such applications. Grocery retailers can test the capabilities of the service by simply registering on the ML Space platform.

“Product Analyzer is already being used for price and product recognition by the largest retail chains in Russia – and we would like to make it more accessible to a wide range of Russian retailers. We are pleased to develop services together with the ML Space platform that allow you to use AI and machine learning to solve practical business problems, and we plan to upload new services in the future,” said Ruslan Akhtyamovdirector of strategy at Napoleon IT.

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