Netflix already tests its game subscription system

Netflix already tests its game subscription system

Although we have been talking about Netflix for video games for years, it was not until a few months ago that this popular expression, used to refer to video game subscription services in the cloud, such as Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Cloud, began to become a reality. literal. More recently we had confirmation that Netflix was already working on it , and a little over a month ago we learned that, at least initially, this subscription would be included in the Netflix base price . The big question is, when will it arrive? Well, maybe sooner than we thought.

And it is that for months all the voices have pointed to some indeterminate moment in 2022 , but of course, January is not the same as December, and not knowing in what phase the tests of the service are, makes it difficult for us to make a calculation about it, in addition to making us think that it will be later than soon. However, it seems that the company is not taking it easy, to the point that the first public tests have already begun.

We do not know this from a rumor or a leak, it is the company itself that has reported it through Twitter , in a message in which we can read (in Polish, yes, because it is the country in which it has been public test started) the following text:

Let’s talk about games Netflix. Starting today, Polish users can try two Android mobile games: Stranger Things 1984 and Stranger Things 3. We are in an early stage and we still have a lot of work to do in the coming months, but this is our first step. »

In a second tweet, published in response to the first, the following is added:

This is what you can be sure:

– no ads

– no in-app purchases

– games available with a Netflix subscription

We will keep you informed about all the news and changes. »

So, we are talking about a national test, with all Netflix users in Poland being able to access the service . Now, there is another very important detail that, even if you don’t speak Polish, you can surely deduce when you see the image of the tweet, which is also the one that opens this news:

Indeed, finally the Netflix of games, at least in its first phase, is not what we expected from the Netflix of games. And is that unlike the services mentioned above, in this case you will not play them remotely, but you will have to install them on your mobile (at the moment only on Android) to be able to enjoy them.

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The image clearly shows us how the service works. The games in the catalog, for now and as we expected both from the Stranger Things franchise, are shown in one of the categories on the Netflix home page. By selecting any of them you will access its file and, if you click on the button to install it, Google Play will open . Once downloaded and installed, you can open it directly from the Netflix app.

Although the service at the moment seems quite humble, the speed with which Netflix is ​​moving makes me think both that its arrival in other markets will not be delayed too much , and that it will be climbing at a good pace both in terms of catalog and platforms compatible. I am not so clear, yes, if it will finally become what we expected at first. But if so, I imagine that it will be delayed considerably longer.

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