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The CNC publishing house, which also includes Živě.cz, has prepared a new website with clear information for Ukrainian citizens who fled to the Czech Republic before the war. Czech citizens offering help will also find useful information here. The site will advise you on what to do in the early days, how to set up health insurance, how to secure a place for children in schools …

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The content of the website is being prepared by an eight-member newsroom – Ukrainian journalists who themselves fled the war.

Arrival to the Czech Republic

To arrive in the Czech Republic, you only need to bring a passport or other identity card, on the basis of which citizens of Ukraine can stay in the countries of the European Union for up to 90 days. However, it is necessary to register with the Aliens Police within thirty days.

Obtaining a visa (residence permit for temporary protection for Ukrainians)

It is also possible to register in the Regional Assistance Centers for Assistance to Ukraine (KACPU), which exist in all regional cities and can take all necessary steps at the beginning of the stay. You can find the addresses of individual regional centers HERE. All services are provided completely free of charge.

The Aliens Police issue special visas in the mentioned centers – residence permits for the purpose of temporary protection. An identity card and photo are required to complete the application. At the same time as the visa, the applicant will receive health insurance, even for a period of thirty days.

Extra dose 5000 CZK for Ukrainians

Ukrainians who have just arrived in the Czech Republic can apply for a humanitarian benefit of CZK 5,000 in the month when they obtain a visa. They may exceptionally receive this in the coming months if they prove insufficient income, social and property conditions.

Providing medical care for Ukrainians

The next step for Ukrainian citizens coming to the Czech Republic should be to provide health care.

Health insurance of Ukrainians

Until a long-term visa can be processed, it is good to obtain at least the necessary and immediate medical care insurance (travel insurance). After obtaining a visa, the citizens of Ukraine will become participants in public health insurance. However, it is necessary to come to any VZP branch and pick up a confirmation of insurance. This can also be arranged in KACPU.

Until they find a job, the insurance is paid for by the state, then the employer.

Finding doctors

The basis of long-term health care should be registration with a general practitioner. It provides examination and treatment of common diseases, such as flu or colds. For more serious diseases, it sends a person to specialists, to whom it is impossible to order without a recommendation.

However, some specialists do not need referrals from GPs. These are mainly gynecologists, dentists, dermatologists and ophthalmologists.

Education of Ukrainian children

Refugee children in the Czech Republic should also start school.

Placement of Ukrainian children in kindergarten

The compulsory last year of pre-school attendance applies to the youngest as well as to Czech children. In this case, it must be accepted by the nearest nursery at the place of residence. Younger children can be admitted to kindergarten if the kindergarten has free capacity, or to attend a nursery or children’s group, in which case, however, it is necessary to take into account the need to pay tuition fees, which can be relatively expensive, especially for children’s groups.

Enrollment of Ukrainian children in primary school

Children from the age of six must go to primary school. A number of Czech primary schools have prepared special classes for children from Ukraine to help them acclimatize to the new country. However, they can also go to Czech classes. For registration, it is necessary to provide proof of the identity of the child and one of the parents, or legal guardian.

Ukrainian children sign up for high school

Pupils can also be accepted to study in high school. In this case, it is necessary to prove the fulfillment of compulsory school attendance (primary school). At the same time, it is possible to request that the student be placed in a higher year, for this it is necessary to provide documents from previous education for assessment and the decision is up to the school principal.

Opportunity to study at universities for Ukrainians

Ukrainians can also apply to Czech universities. To enroll, you need proof of completed previous education – a high school diploma for enrollment in a bachelor’s degree, a bachelor’s degree for enrollment in a master’s degree and a master’s diploma for the commencement of a doctorate.

  • More about the education of Ukrainian children on the website.

Work for Ukrainians

Refugees from Ukraine can start looking for work after obtaining a visa. A visa issued for the purpose of temporary protection gives them access to the labor market for the duration of the visa. Ukrainians can look for work themselves or use one of the newly created portals, which publish job offers directly for refugees from Ukraine.

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