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Nintendo Switch already has an anti-piracy model

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For years we have seen Nintendo’s great crusade against piracy, with a large number of lawsuits against the pages of ROMs and the creators and distributors of chips for their consoles. Although without a doubt one of the last and most notorious cases was the one related to the Nintendo Switch and the hacker Gary Bowser (not to be confused with the king of the Koopa and Mario’s archenemy; nor Dough Bowser, current president of Nintendo America) won just recently a few months by the Japanese company.

A case that has become headline again. And it is that they have recently leaked some of the statements from this trial in which Bowser was sentenced to three years and ordered to pay an exorbitant amount of cash as a fine, highlighting some of Nintendo’s own statements, which directly alluded to the release of an updated Nintendo Switch model to make against piracy.

Shared from the Axios website, the collected statements stated that «Since Nintendo we have had to launch a new version of our hardware in response to one of these hacking tools, and this modification involved countless engineering hours and adjustments to our global manufacturing and distribution chains and, of course, the corresponding resources. To be clear, these effects are a direct result of the defendant and Team Xecutor attacking our technological protection measures.”

Although unfortunately no specific mention is made of the specific changes included in this special model, it is still surprising that this update comes in the form of a hardware change, thus limiting its presence to only a part of the total Nintendo Switch sold.

And it is that it has not been specified at what time this change would have occurred, so, in the absence of additional information from Nintendo, at the moment it is impossible for us to know what the company’s periods of action are.

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