NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021: These have been its most important news

NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021

Taking advantage of the unique setting that Gamescom 2021 offers, NVIDIA has announced some important news that we are going to share with you in this article. The first, and undoubtedly the most interesting, is that the next Guardians of the Galaxy game will feature ray tracing and DLSS technologies , which means that if we have a GeForce RTX 20 or RTX 30 graphics card, we can enjoy higher graphic quality, thanks to the reflections generated by ray tracing, and higher performance, thanks to the intelligent reconstruction of the image offered by DLSS.

NVIDIA has also confirmed that Dying Light 2 : Stay Human, one of the most anticipated titles by lovers of zombie games, including me, will use ray tracing applied to reflections, shadows and global lighting . Indeed, we are talking about a full implementation of ray tracing, which means that the realism of the game should be greatly improved by activating this technology. To offset its impact on performance, this game will also feature second-generation DLSS.

NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021

On the other hand, the leak we saw a few days ago related to Battlefield 2042 and its inclusion in a pack as a free game along with the main NVIDIA graphics solutions has been confirmed . This means that, if we buy an RTX 30 series included in the promotion (RTX 3070 or higher), or any laptop that has the equivalent model, we will get a copy of Battlefield 2042 for free . I remind you that this title will support NVIDIA DLSS and Reflex technologies. You can find more information by following this link .

NVIDIA Expands DLSS and Ray Tracing Support

We have already given you the main course, but we still have some interesting news that we can not leave us “in the inkwell”. NVIDIA has also announced a significant expansion of the support of its main technologies in numerous titles, and among them we can highlight:

NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021

Myst will feature ray tracing support applied to reflections, as well as DLSS. In the attached graph we can see that, by activating this intelligent image reconstruction technology, the performance more than double in 4K . This game also has a virtual reality mode, and in that mode the DLSS is fully supported. When activated in quality mode, with a resolution of 4,864 x 2,448 pixels and maximum quality, the average FPS rate goes from 59 to 90 FPS on an RTX 3080.

NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021

Adding to the battle royale fever, Grit, set in the Wild West, will use NVIDIA’s second-generation DLSS technology to improve performance. In the attached graph we can see that the performance increase will be so great that a modest RTX 2060 will be able to move it in 4K without problems.

NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021

SYNCED: Off Planet will also feature DLSS and ray tracing applied to shadows and reflections , and the same applies to Bright Memory: Infinite and Loopmancer, although these three will have ray tracing applied to reflections, shadows, and global lighting . NVIDIA has further confirmed that Chivalry 2 will receive second-generation DLSS very soon.

NVIDIA at Gamescom 2021

Faraday Protocol will be another game that will benefit from the performance increase offered by NVIDIA’s DLSS. The attached graph speaks for itself, a humble RTX 2060 goes from moving it to 32 FPS in native 4K to reaching 62 FPS when we activate the DLSS in performance mode.

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