NVIDIA reduce costes, y eso se debería notar en breve

NVIDIA cuts costs, and that should be noticeable soon

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If you are one of those people who has been waiting for a long time to get a new graphics card, NVIDIA has very good news for you, although at least for now they are not public. And so much so that, although the situation has already normalized quite a bit compared to what we have experienced for much of 2021, it is likely that prices will continue to fall, and that this will be more noticeable in a few weeks. Long story short: if you were waiting, you might as well extend the wait a few weeks.

And it is that according to Wccftech exclusively reports, NVIDIA would have seen its production costs drop between 8% and 12%, a reduction that the company has already informed the manufacturers that integrate its chips, and that will have an immediate impact on what they pay for them. And, if everything is as it should be, this cost drop should have an impact, in turn, on the final price at which NVIDIA graphics cards reach the market.

This is especially interesting because, of course, it is related to the drop in prices of graphics cards that we have been reporting lately, but they do not share the same reason for being, so we are talking about two causes for the same purpose. And what does this mean? well what in the coming weeks the drop in prices should be more pronounced than until nowand perhaps this is what the leaks that we already heard in February pointed to.

NVIDIA cuts costs, and that should be noticeable soon

Until now, the price decline had its main reason for being in a drop in demand, originating in large part from the more than irregular behavior of the price of cryptocurrencies throughout 2021 and so far in 2022, added to the regulatory movements, which have drawn an increasingly narrow fence around them. However, on this occasion we are talking about the fact that, in addition to this decrease in demand, NVIDIA has reduced its production costs, and this decrease will affect the prices of its integrated components.

Now, of course, the deadline for this decrease to reach the market will be dictated by the time it takes manufacturers and distributors to release the currently accumulated stock, that is, the one produced before the NVIDIA price drop. However, since the availability of cards is still somewhat limited, we can understand that this should happen quickly, and in any case before the end of April.

There are some voices, however, that warn that the conflict in Ukraine could have a negative impact (that is, an increase) in production costs. However, at least in the short term, this doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, so not too long, and possibly at the earliest until the release of the next generation from NVIDIA and AMD, along with Intel’s debut at this market, a particularly optimal window will open for buying a new graphics card.

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