Nvidia is looking for top engineers in Brno. GeForce Now, for example, will be developing here

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The South Moravian metropolis is consolidating its position as a Czech engineer silicon valley. Everything started in the distant past IBM, which opened its branch for global support in Brno, then came the Linux number one Red Hat, which built its key engineering center just a few hundred meters away, and gradually a whole crowd of software corporations. SolarWinds, for example.

The circle is closing, because now one of the biggest technological icons of today is looking for experts in Brno – Nvidia. New positions for destinations in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, including Brno, shine in black and white on her career portal!

Nvidia is looking for cloud specialists in Brno

Nvidia is looking for senior software engineers in Moravia, specializing in cloud and network infrastructure, specialists in cloud storage, and in Prague also experts in machine learning in graphic rendering.

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Nvidia is looking for top system engineers with experience in cloud infrastructure

It is clear from the job descriptions that the engineers will be involved in the development and testing of the company’s key products, including Nvidia’s GeForce Now gaming cloud platform.

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You will participate in the development of GeForce Now, promises another advertisement for Brno

Wi-Fi microcontrollers, RISC-V and space

Brno attracts a whole range of technology companies, including chip designers. In the South Moravian metropolis, we have a strong presence, for example, for the development of the much-cited RISC-V architecture, which is dedicated to Codasip.

Shanghai Espressif Systems, whose Wi-Fi microcontrollers ESP8266 / ESP32 are familiar to every reader of our series, has also had its engineers here for some time now. Let’s program electronics, and more are gradually being added. Intel is also investing here.

The JIC – a South Moravian incubator full of technology companies, including the space company SAB Aerospace, which assembles satellite beams for the European space shuttle in French Guiana, is located on the northern edge of the city in the hills above Kr├ílovo Pole.

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