NVIDIA Releases Security Fixes for Kepler Graphics

NVIDIA Releases Security Fixes for Kepler Graphics

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New drivers for its graphics cards have been announced by NVIDIA, but they are quite particular. These new drivers are really a security update for a certain set of graphics cards. Specifically, they have launched NVIDIA GeForce Security Update 473.47 WHQL specifically for graphics cards based on the Kepler architecture.

It is very possible that the identification of these drivers sounds strange to you, since we are going for the GeForce 500 and pico drivers. Well, it has an explanation and that is that the GeForce 400 drivers were the last to support these graphics cards. While NVIDIA no longer releases drivers for Kepler chartsyou can still release new drivers that fix vulnerabilities.

NVIDIA GeForce Security Update 473.47 WHQL for Kepler graphics

For those who do not remember, in 2012 the NVIDIA Kepler b graphics cardsroasted in the 28nm process. The latest drivers released with support for these graphics cards were the GeForce 470, released last year.

The new GeForce 473.47 WHQL drivers do not bring performance improvements. These new drivers are released to fix a huge number of CVE vulnerabilities. Some of these vulnerabilities can lead to a denial of service, information exposure, or data manipulation.

Inside these drivers, as we said, there are no bug fixes, new features or performance improvements. have only been corrected CVE vulnerabilities for Kepler rated between 4.1 and 8.5, which would be the most important.

All of these vulnerabilities have a high risk of code execution, denial of service, privilege escalation, information exposure, and data manipulation.

The affected graphics cards are:

  • GT600
  • GT700
  • GTX 600
  • GTX700
  • Titan
  • Titan Black
  • titan z

We remind you that NVIDIA Kepler will no longer receive full support from 2024. As of that date, these types of driver updates that fix a large number of vulnerabilities will no longer be released.

You can download these NVIDIA drivers that fix Kepler graphics vulnerabilities from here.

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