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The developer of the low-code BPM platform Pyrus has announced the release of an on-premise version – Pyrus Datacenter. The system can be placed in your own data center or private cloud and have all data and processes under your full control and management of company administrators.

Pyrus is a single digital workspace for companies of all sizes. The ability to customize and expand the platform without programming allows you to reduce the cost of transforming business processes and structuring communications.

Pyrus is suitable for solving various tasks in a company. Clients use Pyrus to organize support services, external and internal document management, marketing and sales management, recruitment and work with personnel, administrative and other functions.

The ivi online cinema, the Dodo Pizza pizza chain, RP Canon Medical Systems, as well as RANEPA, Maisky Chai, Sberzdorovye and thousands of other organizations have automated their business processes in Pyrus.

The Pyrus platform has been included in the register of domestic software since 2018.

Pyrus DC provides the ability to host the platform on its own computing power in situations where the use of cloud systems is limited.

“For a long time, our customers have expressed the desire to have Pyrus on their own servers. Clouds are not suitable for everyone, despite their convenience, flexibility and the attention that our team pays to ensure the protection of user data and the security of working with the service. Therefore, we have released an on-premise version of our cloud platform,” said Maxim Nalskyfounder of Pyrus.

Pyrus DC is based on a modern architecture that uses container virtualization, open source OS and DBMS. Also, compatibility with systems included in the unified register of Russian programs for electronic computers and databases has been confirmed. Version updates are released every 3 months, security updates are released once a month.

The solution has passed alpha and beta testing stages and has been successfully operated in pilot mode for several large clients for several months.

“Pyrus is a single product that provides a wide range of business process management and communications functionality. From the very beginning, we focused on the convenience of the platform not only for office employees, but also for mobile employees. This proved to be especially valuable with the spread of remote work. And we have kept this advantage: the capabilities of Pyrus DC are available to mobile users in the same way as in the cloud,” said Evgeny MedvedevPyrus Datacenter Product Manager.

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