OnePlus Nord N20 5G filtrado renders

OnePlus Nord N20 5G, mid-range with a daring design

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Almost half a year after the Nord N200 left, the Chinese company finally seems ready to present the largest model in this family. the OnePlus Nord N20 5G, with the recent leak of some renderings presented by @OnLeaks on 91mobilesshowing us an innovative but familiar phone that undoubtedly stands out within the brand.

And undoubtedly, OnePlus seems to have tried to get out of its usual lane on this occasion, with a clear aesthetic differentiation from the Nord N200, closer to the Nord 2 5G. So, the first thing that strikes us without a doubt are its flat beveled edges, one of the current distinctive features of the iPhone, as well as a very flat front and back, with the only softening of the corners.

Some edges in which the presence of a USB-C port for charging and the presence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack, one of the big ones missing in most premium phones.

Likewise, we can’t help but highlight your preferences two cameras with oversized lenses, on top of each other, this time integrate them into the cover itself by eliminating each type of island to collect, and creating an unusual shape by placing the third lens and flash on either side of this set.

Finally, the front of the OnePlus Nord N20 5G is kept in a format practically identical to that of the rest of its family, with drilled a small hole in the upper left corner of the screen to accommodate your camera, keeping the bezels quite small.

Without a doubt, this phone would have been a perfect fit as a high-end smartphone, although its presence in the Nord N family keeps it that way one of the company’s most affordable mid-range phones. And that’s exactly how this filtering also gave us a full look at its specs, too a powerful 6.43-inch AMOLED screen, a 48 MP main sensor accompanied by two 2MP cameras and a Snapdragon 690 5G processor.

Although the price or the date of departure are unfortunately not yet known at the moment, one would expect a value below the model already presented given the prices of the previous generation. strive for less than 250 euros.

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