Only paying users will be able to upload shameful photos to Flickr

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Flickr’s photo sharing community has long struggled with making money. He has been trying to do this for several years with a subscription, but he still doesn’t have as many people as he would like, so he has come up with new restrictions that force standard users to force themselves to set up a Pro account. It will now have to be owned by users who want to post nude photos or upload more private photos.

It is not yet certain when the news will come into force, Flickr said on his blog that he would let it know in time. But he described exactly what would change – explicit content could no longer be uploaded freely, creating a “safer space for all”, according to the company, and freeing up more space for subscription users.

Flickr is expensive to run. It needs to host a huge number of photos, but at the same time there were few restrictions on how many and what people could upload. Therefore, when SmugMug bought the service in 2018, it staggered that it would try to make Flickr profitable without having to delete uploaded content from users.

The main route was to be a subscription. Ordinary people have been given a limit to own only 1,000 photos, more needs to be paid for some time, but honestly, if you are not a professional photographer, you do not need more. Many people have not yet subscribed, and Flickr continues to work on how to make money.

As a variant, he now sees charging for uploading content with nudity, “creating a safer space” is more of a way of trying to defend a move without publicly admitting that it needs to force people to subscribe. For the same reason, other restrictions will apply – there will be only 50 non-public photos (to which only friends and family have access).

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