Overwatch 2 tráiler presentación Sojourn

Overwatch 2 releases two trailers for its new heroine Sojourn

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Still under a somewhat slow trickle of new information, it seems that Activision Blizzard is finally beginning to slowly reveal new Overwatch 2 information, this time with the release of two new trailers introductions that introduce the story and gameplay of one of their new heroines: Sojourna former Overwatch captain equipped with cybernetic abilities.

Starting with his story, we meet Vivian Chase, a Canadian Special Forces soldier who teamed up and fought hand-to-hand with Jack Morrison (better known as Agent 76) during the Onmic Crisis, who later took it upon himself to contact her and recruit her for the Overwatch hero agency. Her performance in this agency, although short, focused mainly on rapid offensive operations and the coordination and command of the rest of the team, ensuring that “everyone returned safely” after each mission.

Something that, as we can see this second trailer, focused on Sojourn’s abilities and style within Overwatch 2, is revealed. And it is that this ex-soldier focuses mainly on the offensive, making use of a pulse weapon based on technology and appearance similar to Winston’s.

Although their attacks are somewhat different, being able to function both as a machine gun and a powerful cannon able to even go through and hit different enemies with a single shot. Although this will not be the only power of Sojourn. And it is that this new heroine has a hybrid body with robotic enhancementswhich will allow it to slide along the ground at high speed and rise and stay afloat in the skies, giving it great offensive capabilities.

Thus, interested players will be able to test this new heroine for themselves during the upcoming closed beta that will start on April 26, along with one of the new player versus player game modes, a new ping system, four new maps, and reworks of some of the original game’s heroes like Orisa, Doomfist, Bastion, and Sombra.

What we know about the Overwatch 2 release date

Originally slated for a November 2021 release, mainly due to major internal issues the company has been dealing with for months, the game has been pushed back to an unspecified date in the “near future.” Unfortunately, almost half a year later, we still have no word on a specific release date.

Having said that, the fact that we finally have a first closed beta indicates that the game should already be in a phase close to its final publication, so an official launch could be expected before the end of the year.

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