Owners of boats, boats and yachts will receive a convenient service for notification of going to sea

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MTT JSC, a subsidiary of MTS, a provider of intelligent business solutions, has become a participant in a project that will simplify the procedure for notifying boats, boats, yachts and other civil water vehicles for setting out to sea. The service developed by MTT and Simple Solutions LLC automates the notification procedure.

To help ship owners, MTT and Simple Solutions LLC have developed a digital assistant on the VoiceBox platform, integrating it with a telegram bot that receives notifications. Now, in order to comply with the notification rules, the owner of the vessel does not need to dial by phone and dictate information to the duty officer for entry in the log, the digital assistant takes over the notification procedure.

The chatbot collects information online from ship owners and transmits text through the API to synthesize a voice message. VoiceBox converts the text into speech, calls the necessary border authority on its own and dictates all the information necessary for registering the application, after which it fixes the application number and sends it to the ship owner along with an audio recording – as proof that the notification went through correctly.

“Ship owners must transmit data orally – by phone or radio, which is not always convenient in sailing conditions,” commented Evgeny Petrovsky, creator of the platform. – Only in the Krasnodar Territory about 6,000 ships go to sea every day, and the crew does not always have the opportunity to call the frontier outpost in a timely manner. Having learned about this problem, we decided to offer boat owners a convenient service.”

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“With the launch of the new service, the seagoing notification process is becoming not only easier and more convenient for ship owners, but also more reliable,” commented MTT Product Director Ivan Artemiev. “The digital assistant calls the specified phone number until it gets through and helps the frontier guard on duty to correctly enter information from the owner of the ship.”

The VoiceBox platform from MTT allows you to assemble a unique robot depending on the specifics and needs of a particular organization. At the same time, the platform interface is so simple that any specialist without programming skills can work in it.

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