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In the new release of P7 Office, animation was added to the presentation editor and the rendering of slide thumbnails was fixed, the text editor now has the ability to view and navigate through PDF documents, and the spreadsheet editor has expanded the list of currencies for the monetary format of cells. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the P7-Office.

Updates affected all editors of “P7-office”. Added support for SmartArt objects when opened without converting to a group of shapes, the ability to edit shape geometry, and a section with recently used autoshapes. In addition, there is a cropping function and new types of vertical and horizontal charts (pyramids, cylinders and cones). Pictures are generated depending on the selected colors of the gradient. Other updates include the ability to view the password as you type, filter comments by group, and display an alert when the connection is lost.

Making presentations just got easier. The long-awaited “Animation” tab with animation settings, the “View” tab and the ability to move slides to the beginning and end of the presentation have been added to the presentation editor. Fixed slow rendering of slide thumbnails and lack of opacity when opening some PPTX files. In the Document Server, when you open a presentation with the .PPSX extension, the editor starts in demo mode.

Working with documents in PDF is now easier – the document editor now has a Page Thumbnails panel for viewing PDF documents, the ability to navigate, support for external and internal links on click and cursor mode in PDF, and displaying information about PDF / XPS / DjVU files. Also added conversion from PDF and XPS to all formats available for export. Chinese, Japanese, Italian languages ​​appeared in the background settings.

To avoid mistakes, the table editor has a preview before printing, tooltips in formulas for tables, a text classifier when importing data from text, settings “Combine sheet and status rows”, “Always show toolbar”, “Interface theme”, ” Show shadow for pinned areas”, the ability to open xlsb files.

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In addition, for the convenience of companies that work with foreign partners, the list of currencies for the monetary format of cells has been expanded. Fixed hiding and showing groups in table view mode, loss of indents in a cell when copying a cell from MS Excel, and a message when exporting a spreadsheet to CSV.

Support for cloud storage providers is open.

The ability to check required fields has been added to the server, for security. There have also been changes to the editors server API. The functionality of differentiating access rights to reviewing and commenting documents has been added. Editors now hide information about users whose reviews and comments cannot be viewed.

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