Panay shows the new Windows 11 Paint

new Windows 11 Paint

The new Windows 11 Paint is one of the native applications that Microsoft is renewing for its next operating system , within its own software that comes installed by default and that saves the installation of third-party software for certain tasks.

Paint is one of the great classics of this group since it has been part of it since Windows 1.0 in 1985 and has been included in successive versions with the exception of the launch of Paint 3D, which was destined to replace it. This type of 3D technology has been a fiasco in the consumer market and Microsoft returned to the original application.

The new Windows 11 Paint arrives as the modern version of this image editor. In line with the visual and interface changes of the system, from what we have seen so far, the changes are more aesthetic and usability than functions , but surely no more is necessary. It is a basic editor, easy to use, and for the user who needs more, there are a dozen free applications that can be used as intermediate solutions to the most complete in the sector, Photoshop if we are talking about commercials or Gimp if we are looking for open source software and free.

Windows 11: You can now Download the ISOs of The Previews

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s product manager, is posting on Twitter previews of those applications that will be included in Windows 11. They all have in common the intended proprietary integration with the system’s design language , the rounded corners, and the variants with the clear theme u dark from the system.

Paint has new icons and rounded color pickers. The window title is now only at the top, moving the quick action buttons to the menu bar. The buttons in the color palette have also been transformed into circles, more in line with the aesthetics of Windows 11 .

The brushes drop-down menu also offers a better visualization of what the strokes would look like, but the most significant change could be in the way they work. Panay’s short clip seems to imply that some kind of pressure sensitivity will be allowed, something that has been lacking in the old Paint app even with the existence of Windows Ink. And it is that Paint will offer compatibility for optical pencils.

Paint in Windows 11

The new Paint has not been included in the initial version of Windows 11 nor have we seen it yet in the updates that Microsoft has published. Panay says it will be coming to the Insider channel soon so it will be available in the final version. The new Windows 11 Paint will be the renewal of one of the great icons of Windows’ own software group.

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