Peton holding automated the process of mass employment of employees using domestic AI

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Technological engineering holding “Peton”, whose projects are aimed at developing the Russian fuel and energy complex, has implemented the Beorg Smart Vision platform for digitizing documents using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Thanks to the solution, it was possible to automate and three times speed up the streaming processing of personnel documents. This was reported to CNews by representatives of the Biorg company.

Information about a new employee without the participation of a person gets into the card of the personnel accounting system, it is enough just to send a photo or a scan of a document to the recognition circuit. The AI ​​platform was developed by the Russian company Biorg, a resident of the IT cluster of the Skolkovo Foundation.

The mass registration of new employees required serious labor costs from the HR department of the Peton holding for simple, routine operations. The management set the task of automating the processing of large document flows, speeding up the registration of employees of various profiles, and eliminating errors in manual data entry.

As a result of the pilot project, the Russian platform Beorg Smart Vision was chosen as a solution for intelligent document processing based on machine learning, computer vision and data verification technologies. Thanks to technology, with a constant number of employees in the HR unit, it was possible to ensure the necessary mass recruitment of personnel in a limited time frame.

Peton Holding regularly hires office staff, engineers, technicians and workers for construction and installation work at large industrial facilities in the oil and gas, processing and chemical industries throughout Russia. The organization employs more than 8,000 people.

“Now, when a new employee is hired, the HR specialist simply sends documents to the recognition circuit. The employee card in the personnel program is filled in automatically, without human intervention. Bioorg’s solution provides recognition of printed and handwritten information contained in 14 types of documents, including those of foreign countries. The quality of recognized data exceeds 99%. Based on the platform, the relevance and authenticity of the documents provided are also automatically checked. It is important to note that with the implementation of the solution, it became possible to process documents for new employees in parallel, i.e. AI simultaneously recognizes the documents of different employees, ”Peton representatives said.

Personal data contained in documents is protected by encryption and depersonalization mechanism. In the process of recognition, neural networks cut the document into separate fields, by which it is impossible to determine their belonging to the whole. The digitized data is collected in a secure customer loop.

“An AI-based recognition solution is justified for large document flows. Thanks to Beorg Smart Vision, employees of the HR department of the Peton holding excluded routine manual data entry from the workflow, including from such voluminous documents as work books, which are often filled out very problematic even for human perception. We increased the productivity of the HR department and accelerated the recruitment of new employees. Thanks to pre-trained neural networks, we were able to exceed the requirements for the time of digitization of sets of documents (SLA). The processing time for one package of personnel documents has been reduced from 40-60 to 10-15 minutes, with the initial requirement of the customer in 20 minutes,” noted Alexander Korobovdirector of “Biorg” for development and sales.

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Based on the results of the initial period of work, the Beorg Smart Vision platform can be scaled to the processes of other personnel services of the Peton holding.


Peton is an integrated EPC contractor for the implementation of turnkey oil and gas projects. Peton has several research institutes and more than 100 own patents for scientific and technological developments, more than 8,000 specialists, its own material and technical base, representative offices in Moscow, Ufa, St. Petersburg, Orenburg, Novy Urengoy, Kondratievo, Svobodny, Rostov -on-Don; own buildings and production facilities with a total area of ​​more than 30 thousand square meters. m.

Over the past 30 years, Peton has implemented more than 170 projects in Russia and the CIS countries to modernize existing and build new facilities in gas and oil processing, gas production, petrochemistry and chemistry of ultrapure substances.

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Biorg is a Russian developer of intelligent systems based on computer vision and machine learning for document recognition, including handwritten forms and drawings, and marking up data sets (datasets). The key development of the company for the digital transformation of the state and business is the Beorg Smart Vision cloud platform, which combines a neural network recognition module (AI) and a crowdsourcing service for data verification. The company provides services for intellectual processing of documents and their sets, digitization of archives, passports, personnel and accounting documentation, creation of electronic document storage systems. Resident of the Skolkovo Foundation. Biorg’s customers are Russian and international companies representing retail, banking, energy, oil and gas, telecommunications and other industries. Among them: X5 RETAIL GROUP NV, Central Bank of Russia, Rosneft, National Settlement Depository, Otkritie Bank, Tele2, Sportmaster and others.

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