Photoshop will be free. Adobe is preparing a web version with limited features

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Several new features are coming to Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite of applications. The biggest focus is traditionally on Photoshop, its web version, which the company came up with last fall, will now be basically free. He was also surprised by Lightroom, who learned to edit videos.

The introduction of Photoshop, which can run in a web browser and does not require the installation of a desktop program, was a relatively big step for Adobe last year, but the company made no secret of the fact that the application is not ready yet and is still figuring out what position this version will take in the package.

Now Adobe seems to have figured it out. The web version will be used mainly to attract potential new clients of the full version (Photoshop in the browser is truncated) and for that reason the company will offer it for free, or it will be freemium.

Adobe is currently testing this variation in Canada, where people have access to the entire Photoshop Web site for free, all they need is free registration. But over time, some more advanced features will be hidden (Adobe doesn’t say which ones yet), and people will have to buy them if they want them. When the company completes the entire freemium, it will expand it to the rest of the world, including the Czech Republic.

It can be expected that the basic free Web Photoshop will not offer much, but it may be enough for the most demanding users who currently rely on Photope, for example. In addition, the fact that there will be more features will help Chrome OS owners, who could only dream of Photoshop until the advent of the web version.

Lightroom cuts and colors videos

Another significant innovation concerns Lightroom, which, although aimed primarily at photographers, is expanding its cooperation with videos. He could import them before, but users couldn’t edit them. It will be possible now, color grading tools will work on videos as well.

Users will also be able to perform basic start and end editing. Still, Lightroom doesn’t allow composing individual video clips, so the editing application won’t become one, but perhaps no one wants it. The new feature really focuses mainly on coloring, apparently targeting photographers who happen to capture a short recording and want to edit it at least. The novelty will reach both the desktop Lightroom and the mobile.

Adobe also showed a new AI tool for desktop Photoshop called Photo Restoration Neural Filter. It allows you to edit historical photos, automatically removing scratches and other imperfections in seconds.

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