Postman, calendar and RSS reader. The Holy Internet Trinity officially comes to life in the Vivaldi browser

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Shortly after the release of Vivaldi 5.3, a small update is heading for the browser, which is surprisingly not uninteresting. The development team has been working for a long time to offer its audience to the browser e-mail client, calendar and RSS reader. Finally, he unpacked the champagne, these “additions” have reached version 1.0.

They are simply called Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Calendar and Vivaldi Feed Reader and are aimed only on classic computers, not cell phones where the manufacturer only provides a browser. The subroutines are not surprising, they are simple and classic. The postman’s environment, for example, consists of panels with folders, messages and for reading.

It also promises easy sorting of mail labels that are not tied to the cloud. Various filters further facilitate navigation. The client supports IMAP and POP protocols by default, through which you connect virtually any e-mail service. When you connect the service, only e-mails are downloaded, you then have to attach the calendar separately – there have been no rapid developments since the first notification.

It’s a browser add-on, and Vivaldi’s fan circle probably won’t appeal to these features. Mail, Calendar and Feed Reader don’t either they cannot be used alone. But if you don’t want to, you don’t have to use e-mail, calendar or reader in the browser. You turn components on or off in Vivaldi settings, all at once, not one at a time.

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