Profile of a space tracker. The name Douglas Adams should be familiar to all sci-fi fans

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Writer Douglas Adams is best known for the sci-fi Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A big fan of technology, who also collaborated with the legendary Monty Pythons, would celebrate his 70th birthday in March this year.

Douglas Adams was born on March 11, 1952 in Cambridge, UK, grew up in London’s East End and has lived with his mother and sister Susan in Essex since 1957, when his parents divorced, where his mother’s parents operated an abandoned shelter. He probably inherited his artistic talents from his great-grandfather, a German writer and one of the pioneers of the absurd drama, Frank Wedekind.

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Adams began writing in elementary school, contributing his humorous articles to the school magazine Broadsheet. In 1971 he was admitted to Cambridge St. John’s College, mainly thanks to a well-written essay on the subject of religious poetry, in which he came across the work of the Beatles.

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He unsuccessfully tried to get into the drama club Footlights, associated with a number of well-known representatives of British comedy. Together with Will Adams and Martin Smith, they founded the creative group Adams-Smith-Adams, which focused mainly on writing and theatrical rendition of satirical plays. In 1973, however, he got into the famous club, also thanks to the support of the English actor Simon Jones, who later played Arthur Dent, the main character of Adams, in a successful radio and television play. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Thanks to his performance in Footlights Adams in the mid-1970s, one member of the Monty Python also discovered Graham Chapman. Adams then participated in several scenes of this famous British comedy group.

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