All New PS5 Digital Edition: Lighter, and easy to install

All New PS5 Digital Edition: Lighter, and easy to install

About a month ago we told you about a new PS5 Digital Edition , a version of the well-known new generation Sony console that will maintain the focus of the original, that is, it will have the same design and will come without an optical drive , but it was going to have some minor changes that would make it easier to produce, and a little cheaper to manufacture.

Today, finally, we have all the details of that new PS5 Digital Edition, which is identified under the CFI-1102A nomenclature. At the moment it has only been found in some specific markets, such as Australia, but we have been able to know its most important keys in depth, and in the end everything we told you at the time has been confirmed.

In addition to the aforementioned change in nomenclature, the new PS5 Digital Edition is 300 grams lighter than the original model , which leaves us a weight of 3.6 kilograms. Another important change is in the support base, which uses our new screws with a rubber grip , which means that we can put them on and take them off with our hands. This way it is much faster and easier to assemble the console.

new PS5 Digital Edition

Does the new PS5 Digital Edition bring changes at the hardware level?

Everything seems to indicate that no, but it should not surprise us, we already anticipated that we should not expect news in this regard. It is simply a revision with which Sony has polished some aspects of the console a bit , focusing on both external aspects (the modification in the support base) and internal aspects (to reduce the weight by 300 grams).

These types of revisions allow the company to achieve a slight cost reduction that, when multiplied by several million units sold, adds up to an interesting amount . With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Sony cares about these kinds of changes, even though they may seem trivial to the ordinary user.

If you are waiting for a new PS5 Digital Edition in Slim version to arrive , I already anticipate that you are going to have to take it easy. The real, and in-depth review of Sony’s next-generation console will not arrive, at least, until 2023 or 2024 , and with the current situation in the semiconductor market, it is impossible to rule out that there will even end up being a delay. about that last date.

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