Putin’s pilots switch from Windows to Linux

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An organization under the Office of the President, which is engaged in air transportation of the head of state and other few top officials of Russia, set his sights on the transition from Microsoft Windows to Linux.

Opting out of Windows

As CNews found out, the Federal State Budgetary Institution “Special Flight Detachment” Russia “” of the Office of the President, which carries out air transportation of the head of state Vladimir Putin and other senior officials of our country, intends to switch to using the Linux OS.

This conclusion can be reached based on the parameters of the tender conducted by the flight squad. Within its framework, the organization allocated 117 thousand rubles. to pay for full-time training of a system administrator under the program “Fundamentals of working in the Linux operating system”.

The tender was launched on June 17, 2022 in the format of an electronic auction. Applications from applicants are accepted until June 30. Summing up is scheduled for July 4th. The course is designed for 32 academic hours and must be held at the customer’s premises in Moscow. System administrator training must be completed by December 31, 2022.

An analysis of the public procurement website shows that in previous years, the Rossiya flight detachment bought packages of OS and office applications from Microsoft. In particular, in 2011 the organization spent 2.46 million rubles on 330 license packages. In 2011 – 10.8 million rubles for 550 packages.


Flight Detachment “Russia” migrates to Linux

The CNews editors are waiting for comments from the Office of Presidential Affairs regarding the real prospects for abandoning Microsoft Windows in favor of Linux, possible timing of the transition and completeness of migration (whether the detachment plans to leave part of the PC running the OS of the American vendor).

Recall against the backdrop of a special operation in Ukraine and the introduction of Western sanctions against Russia, in early March, Microsoft officially left our country. However, in early April it became known that the vendor had decided to continue working in Russia, as announced by the president of the company Brad Smith (Brad Smith). According to him, the corporation will cooperate with clients who have so far been spared international anti-Russian sanctions. As an example, he cited a number of public institutions, including schools and hospitals.

What the courses include

Under the terms of the tender, educational courses for the system administrator should include 15 thematic modules. In particular, within the framework of the first module, the student should get acquainted with the history of the creation of Linux.

The second module should include a description of the process of finding information in the documentation supplied by the system and applications, as well as answering the question of what a terminal is and command execution.

The name of the last module: “Programs for working in the network. office products. Learn more about working in a graphical environment.

Import substitution in the Office of the President

As Tadviser wrote earlier, in January 2018, the Office of the President published a schedule for the transition of the department to the use of domestic office software in the period up to 2020. The transition was planned both in the Office itself and in its territorial administration in the Republic of Crimea.

Import substitution, Asia or “gray” import: where to get server hardware

Import substitution

According to the document, in terms of the office suite, the Office planned to switch to the My Office product. In 2018, it was to be installed on at least 20% of jobs, and at least 80% of jobs in 2020.

The organization chose Astra Linux Special Edition as an alternative to the Windows operating system. As with the office suite, the new OS had to be installed on at least 80% of the workstations. The imported media to be replaced will be used from this operating system, it was specified in the schedule.

Based on this information, it can be assumed that the Rossiya flight squad will also focus on Astra Linux in matters of OS import substitution.

Who is transported by “Russia”

The special flight detachment “Russia” dates back to June 23, 1941. Today it is based at the Moscow airport “Vnukovo” in the special government terminal “Vnukovo-2”.

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In addition to the President, the detachment transports the Prime Minister, the Chairman of the Federation Council, the Chairman of the State Duma, the Chairman of the Constitutional Court, the Chairman of the Supreme Court, the Prosecutor General, the Chairman of the Investigative Committee, the head of the Presidential Administration and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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