R-Vision and Mores Torez MSLU announce cooperation

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R-Vision, a Russian developer of cybersecurity systems, and the Department of International Information Security of the Mores Torez Moscow State Linguistic University (MIB MSLU) signed a cooperation agreement. The main areas of joint work will be the organization of academic and scientific events in order to create a favorable educational environment for the training of qualified information security personnel. This was reported to CNews by R-Vision representatives.

The signed agreement provides for the systematic work of the parties in the direction of professional training of students, joint research activities, as well as the exchange of experience and accumulated expertise in the field of information security.

One of the priority areas of cooperation was the possibility of using the latest versions of R-Vision specialized software products in the educational process by IIB MSLU students.

The agreement also provides that IIB MSLU students will have more opportunities and prospects for professional and career development. For example, students of the last courses, even before graduation from the university, will be able to apply the knowledge gained during their studies at the University in practice. In the spring of 2022, some of the students of the Department of International Information Security have already started internships in the structural divisions of R-Vision, during which interns increase the level of professional competencies in the field of cybersecurity, as well as deepen their skills in working with vendor software products.

Another important aspect of cooperation is related to the implementation of the internship program at the IIB MSLU with the subsequent employment of University graduates. The program provides its participants with the opportunity to take part in the projects of the R-Vision team and work on real practical problems, and in case of successful completion of the internship, join the staff.

“Support for projects in the field of education is one of the priorities for R-Vision. Partnership with the Department of International Information Security of the leading linguistic university in Russia opens up opportunities for joint work in both educational and scientific fields. We are confident that our cooperation will be fruitful and will allow young professionals to gain access to modern software products and technologies, as well as valuable practical experience working on real projects in the field of cybersecurity,” said Alexander BondarenkoCEO of R-Vision.

“Today, technical education is experiencing difficulties associated with isolation from practice and the real production sector. The rate of emergence of new technologies exceeds the time required to train a technician. Department of International Information Security MSLU is focused on modern quality education. We are grateful to R-Vision for helping us bridge this gap and turn our students into highly qualified specialists,” said Vyacheslav SamoilovHead of the Department of International Information Security, Moscow State Linguistic University.

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The parties also intend to conduct scientific activities, during which R-Vision experts, together with the teaching staff of the IIB MSLU, will work on various tasks that are relevant, both from a theoretical and practical point of view: to participate in research and scientific and technical projects, exchange experience and research results in the field of information security, develop educational and methodological materials, curricula, seminar plans, etc., in order to further integrate them into the educational process.


R-Vision is a developer of cybersecurity systems. Since 2011, the company has been creating solutions and services that help businesses and government organizations around the world to confidently confront current cyber threats and ensure reliable information security management. R-Vision technologies are used in banks, government agencies, the oil and gas industry, energy, metallurgy, industry and companies in other industries.

Mores Thorez Moscow State University is a linguistic university. Today, the university teaches 37 foreign languages, there are numerous centers of languages ​​and cultures of the countries of the studied languages.

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