Ralf Ringer transferred IT systems to the MTS cloud

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MTS PJSC, a Russian digital, media and telecommunications services company, announces that Ralf Ringer, a large shoe store chain in Russia, has migrated its IT systems to the #CloudMTS cloud, MTS cloud provider. The migration, which was completed in a short timeframe of two days, will allow Ralf Ringer to improve the resiliency of geographically distributed IT systems and quickly increase computing power at times of influx of customers. Representatives of MTS reported this to CNews.

Ralf Ringer is a Russian shoe manufacturer and retailer. The enterprise has four production sites: factories are located in Moscow, Vladimir, Zaraysk and Taldom. The geographical distribution and resilience of infrastructure during periods of peak loads determine the company’s IT landscape.

Cloud provider #CloudMTS virtualization, backup and replication experts have calculated the optimal cloud infrastructure for Ralf Ringer. As a result, it allows you to maintain the stability of systems, quickly increase computing power during peak loads, and ensures the continuity of business processes. The provider used backup and replication systems, resources of its own data processing centers. MTS data centers geographically distributed throughout Russia ensured the proximity of the company’s services to the end user.

With the prompt support of experts, architects, engineers and the project team of the cloud provider, the client migrated all systems and data to the #CloudMTS cloud in a short time and resumed the operation of business-critical IT systems with minimal infrastructure downtime.

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“With lightning speed – in two days – we worked out a voluminous task thanks to well-coordinated communication of all project participants. The client expertly knew his needs, the specifics of corporate IT systems and was well aware of the modern capabilities of a cloud provider. We, in turn, offered the best configuration of services in terms of cost and flexibility to ensure the smooth operation of the company’s business processes,” said #CloudMTS Sales and Marketing Director Artem Tugarev.

“Scalability and fault tolerance are perhaps the most significant criteria for us when choosing solutions and suppliers. MTS has a reliable infrastructure and a professional cloud team, with which we implemented the migration project. We continue to expand our partnership and are looking at ways to strengthen the cybersecurity loop with DDoS, WAF and CDN protection solutions,” said CIO Ralf Ringer Alexey Repiev.

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