Ramax Group will offer the market an HRM system based on Goodt solutions

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The Ramax Group system integrator and the Goodt platform (part of the Lanit group) announced cooperation with the prospect of creating a competence center. Partner clients will be able to use a wide range of tools to digitalize HR processes. CNews was informed about this by representatives of Lanit.

The Goodt platform satisfies the needs of managers, line employees, CIOs and HR directors in terms of automating HR processes. It optimizes scheduling and resource allocation based on employee workload. The system helps to increase their loyalty, and as a result, improves the quality of service. The low-code platform is easily integrated into the IT infrastructure.

“With Goodt’s products actively used by the largest enterprises in the IT and telecom industries, retail and food service, we see the potential to expand this experience,” said Ramax Group vice president of sales and marketing. Dmitry Bulenkov. “We plan to use the entire functionality of the system to implement complex projects to automate the HR unit.”

“The Goodt system allows us to optimize various aspects of work with personnel. Gamification tools stimulate the growth of its involvement. Motivation management tools allow you to improve key performance indicators, – noted Maxim Ryabov, co-founder and CEO of Goodt. “We see Ramax Group as a partner whose competencies will allow us to expand the industry presence of our solutions and support the process of strengthening the technological independence of Russian companies.”

The immediate plans of partners include the creation of a center of competence in the field of automation and optimization of HR activities.


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Goodt is a system for managing the efficiency and experience of employees, planning working hours and motivating staff, combined with a flexible low-code platform and business analytics.

Ramax Group is an association of system integrators and development companies, covering the entire range of customer needs from developing a strategy to supporting complex solutions. It has been operating on the Russian IT market for over 25 years and is the largest IT integrator in the Russian transport industry according to CNews.

Lanit – “Laboratory of new information technologies” – a diversified group of IT companies. Established in 1989. Provides a full range of IT services. Lanit is a partner of more than 280 major world manufacturers of equipment and software solutions in the field of high technologies. Lanit team – 14.1 thousand people.

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