Record performance and consumption. The upcoming GeForce RTX 4090 graphics will bite up to 600 W

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Last month we wrote that the new computer power supply from Gigabyte – UD1000GM is already equipped with a new type of 16-pin connector, through which it will be possible to get up to 600 W into the graphics card and another 75 W in the PCI Express slot, this makes a new maximum of 675 W. And it looks like one of the first graphics to use such extreme power will be the upcoming Nvidia model.

According to the informant kopite7kimi on twitter, a hitherto unknown model of the GeForce RTX xx90 series (probably 4090) is being prepared, which will have a TGP set at 600 W. It will use a new connector, or it will be necessary to solve many eight-pin pins.

It is not yet clear whether this will be standard consumption or extreme for special versions that will be ready for more advanced overclocking. Concerns have already been raised that a possible more distant “GeForce RTX 4090 Ti” could easily reach 800 W, but these are complete speculations so far.

If the performance matches, it’s probably not a problem on the desktop. But what is the problem is the cooling or removal of such an amount of heat. Even the most powerful air coolers in a three-slot construction and with three fans end up somewhere around 500 W and from the point of view of noise it is definitely not ideal. It can be assumed that these graphics will need to use powerful water cooling with a proper radiator.

The GeForce RTX 4000 series should already rely on TSMC’s 5nm N5 manufacturing process for the most powerful models, so performance should jump quite a bit, maybe double. The show is expected in September, but Nvidia has not confirmed anything yet.

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