REG.RU provided customers with dedicated servers with NVIDIA RTX A-series graphics cards

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The largest Russian hosting provider and domain registrar REG.RU introduced the NVIDIA RTX A4000, A5000 and A6000 series graphics cards in new dedicated server configurations. Customers now have the option to rent power with ten A-series RTX GPUs on a single server. Such solutions will help clients solve neural network training tasks, perform complex calculations and speed up rendering.

Video card specifications

New cards have balanced characteristics. They have a fairly large number of CUDA cores (up to 10,752 units according to NVIDIA) to work with graphics and computing in general, a large number of tensor cores, and ray tracing capabilities provide high rendering accuracy. Also, the cards have a high amount of memory – up to 48 GB for the A6000 model.

How much will it cost to rent a VDS with an NVIDIA GPU?

RTX A-series dedicated server pricing varies by configuration. So, the price of a solution with an Intel Core i9 processor and an NVIDIA RTX A4000 16Gb card for a month will be 29,900 rubles. At the same time, if you order an assembly for 3 months or more, REG.RU will make a discount from 5% to 15%. The company guarantees the assembly of a unique server configuration upon request in 1 business day.

Where to order?

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You can order cards now. on the company website.

Head of Sales Service of Corporate Products Department REG.RU Sergey Postoyuk:We have been testing the RTX A-series GPU line since the end of last year. Each model is interesting in its own way and solves a certain amount of problems. It was important for us to give users the widest possible choice of GPUs, and we decided to introduce the entire series from A2000 to A6000 into a permanent line of dedicated servers. Demand for dedicated GPU servers is increasing every year, we believe that new features and attractive conditions for the use of RTX A-series GPUs will give an additional impetus to this direction. Of course, we monitor the situation with the current restrictions and adjust the work. But at the same time, we have a stock of equipment, and we are ready to provide services to customers as usual.“.

REG.RU is a hosting provider and an accredited domain name registrar No. 1 in Russia (according to, it ranks first in terms of the number of registered domains and hosted sites in .RU and .РФ). The company has been operating since 2006. In October 2021, she became a member of RU-WEB.INVESTMENTS. Today REG.RU serves more than 3,300,000 domains, 2,200,000 clients use the services, including VK, Avito, Gazprom-Media Holding, First Bit. Every second domain in Runet is registered in REG.RU. The company offers registration in 750 international domain zones, and also provides services hosting, SSLmail, VPS, lease of physical servers.

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