“Remove the lies about a special operation in Ukraine, otherwise you will be fined,” Russia threatens Wikipedia

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Since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine, the Russian media oversight office has issued forty warnings warning of the spread of misinformation or immediately announcing the blockade of some services.

So far, only Meta has officially got the stop, specifically its social networks Facebook and Instagram, which are now available in Russia only through VPN. But Roskomnadzor is also digging Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and has recently shone on Wikipedia.

He threatened the largest online encyclopedia at the end of March, another complaint he filed today. Censors claim that Wikipedia editors violate government regulations, Article 13.41. According to him, the media must comply with the requests of the authorities and remove illegal content. Roskomnadzor “claimed” articles informing about events in Ukraine, which are said to be anti-Russian. However, Wikipedia did not react, so it faces a fine of up to four million rubles (one million crowns).

Wikipedia has recently been flooded with materials that spread inaccurate information about the special military operation in Ukraine and the actions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. Wikipedia has become a new line of constant information attacks on the Russians. The authors of articles published on Wikipedia deliberately misinform users of this Internet resource with obviously false information. The articles published on this source support exclusively the anti-Russian interpretation of events,“Writes Roskomnadzor.

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