Retro application. We found the first versions of Instagram, WhatsApp, various maps and more

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It was 2007 and Apple introduced the first iPhone. It revolutionized the concept of smartphones, with the advent of the App Store and Google Play the same thing happened with apps. Without the ability to install applications, cell phones would not be where they are. But as the devices themselves evolved, so did the applications. Their functions and possibilities increased, some disappeared, others arose. Here is a list of the most famous. You can look at what they looked like then and find out how much (not) they could do. Would you know them at all?

The platform was launched in 1998, the first major expansion took place in 2005, and in 2007 a tourist map was added. The application then appeared in the App Store at the end of 2010. Compared to Google maps, the clear benefit for domestic users was that, apart from the tourist ones, you also found historical maps here.

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Of course, the application recognized your current location and offered you categories of points of interest sorted by distance. You could then immediately display the selected categories on the map in the form of clickable flags. also knew how to search for a route and they also had a built-in electronic compass.

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