RooX UIDM CIAM system now has functionality for end-to-end web analytics

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RooX, the developer of the RooX UIDM authentication and authorization system, has added integration with web analytics systems. Now RooX UIDM can enrich Yandex Metrica and Google Analytics with user journey data. The integration will be especially useful for end-to-end analysis of marketing campaigns designed to attract new customers or applications. It will allow marketing departments to better analyze the attracted leads and avoid their double counting.

In some industries, signing up for a new customer involves more than just filling out a form with contact details. Registration can be a multi-step business process with asynchronous checks. For example, banks can check new users in the ESIA and for the presence in the “black” lists (in particular, a person is wanted or his passport has not been confirmed, the company is undergoing liquidation or its license has been revoked).

Previously, the path of such a user, according to web analytics systems, ended with the click of the “Submit registration request” button. Collecting data on further steps in the processing of the application was either impossible or cumbersome. RooX UIDM now makes it easy to track all stages, as the results of checks during the registration process and many other events related to the user are recorded in a special database of audit events. As part of the integration, anonymized, but associated with tracking identifiers, data about these events is transmitted through a special adapter to Yandex Metrica or Google Analytics. The web analytics system completes the conversion funnel from this data. So the integration of RooX UIDM with web analytics systems allows you to get more complete information about the user’s path.

In addition to the user creation event, other events of the RooX UIDM audit system can be handled in a similar way.

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“Our clients strive not only to massively offer their users (customers, suppliers, partners) a discount, a new product or tariff, but to make an up-to-date individual offer based on data analysis. We are also developing RooX UIDM as a system that provides a personalized user experience in authentication and authorization tasks. The integration of authentication and web analytics gives more complete information for analyzing the user journey, ”said Natalia Lednevadirector of marketing at RooX.

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