Rosatom’s digital product Multi-D Docs & Resources entered the market

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Rosatom State Corporation presented the Multi-D Docs & Resources (MDDR) electronic document management and resource planning system.

MDDR is one of the digital products of the Multi-D line, which was created in-house by the Engineering Division of Rosatom (JSC ASE), based on the needs of NPP construction projects. The system allows you to conduct the operational activities of the enterprise by providing organizational and administrative workflow, monitoring the loading of resources, as well as controlling production regulations and processes.

The system is import-independent and is included in the Russian Software Register of the Russian Ministry of Digital Development.

For more than three years, MDDR has been actively used in the nuclear industry, including in foreign NPP construction projects. The transition to predominantly in-house digital development provides Rosatom with technological sovereignty, and also helps to reduce costs by optimizing resources and improving management and planning processes.

Electronic document management and resource planning MDDR can be in demand at medium and large enterprises in various sectors of the economy, as well as in government agencies. Implemented the possibility of seamless integration with related systems via API, including with government electronic document management systems. At the same time, the option of simultaneous comfortable work of several thousand users in the system allows solving the problems of both a separate department and a large holding company with a geographically distributed structure.

The system is relevant for companies and enterprises that are faced with the goal of updating outdated workflow automation tools and reducing operating costs with a minimal IT infrastructure.

MDDR implements functionality for solving a wide range of managerial and organizational tasks:

To ensure organizational and administrative workflow: creates and processes any types of documents; controls deadlines; searches for documents based on access rights.

To monitor the loading of resources: performs automatic collection of data on the activities of employees; creates dynamic interactive dashboards.

To get acquainted with the project documentation: prepares and groups documents into packages; appoints packages of documents for familiarization; provides familiarization with the packages of documents; generates checklists and reports.

To control production regulations and processes: generates inspection reports; creates tasks to eliminate violations; carries out intermediate control of elimination of violations; provides control over execution and generates reports.

Director for Digitalization of the State Corporation Rosatom Ekaterina Solntseva during the presentation, she emphasized that Rosatom’s digital products combine quality standards adopted in the nuclear industry and a focus on the specifics of enterprises of various sizes and industry affiliations, which allows users to achieve maximum effects for their business.

“For many years, we have been working not only to ensure that the single digital Multi-D platform supports our own projects for the construction of nuclear power plants, but also to ensure that its modules become digital products that can be alienated, replicated and used outside the state corporation . The MDDR digital product is based on Rosatom’s project management methodology, based on high requirements for meeting the deadlines, cost and quality of their implementation, as well as their reliability and safety. At the same time, this digital product is capable of providing document flow for projects of various sizes, including it can become the basis for the implementation of international projects,” she said.

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Ekaterina Solntseva added that “MDDR is a domestic development, and its use is not associated with the risks of changing the policy of foreign suppliers, which is today one of the most important aspects of the stable operation of Russian enterprises.”

Vice President for Digitalization and Information Technologies of JSC Atomstroyexport (Rosatom) Olga Tolstunova noted that the Multi-D product line as a digital tool ensures the leading position of Rosatom in the global market, which carries out 80% of the export of nuclear power units in the world.

“MDDR is a system that permeates all technological processes associated with the life of a nuclear power plant. Initially, the product was developed in the product logic, taking into account the needs of the market. This gives us the opportunity to use it in different cases, for different user groups, on different resources, and, therefore, to be creative enough in application scenarios,” she concluded.

CEO of Rusatom Digital Solutions (RCR, part of Rosatom) Alexander Wiebe said that the RCR is ready to provide methodological and consulting support for the implementation and use of this product at enterprises, as well as provide advice on the use of state support measures for Russian enterprises implementing domestic industrial software.

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“We can work in any project methodology and are ready to implement a project to implement and use MDDR. I would like to emphasize that we have specialists who will talk about subsidies for the implementation of domestic IT solutions – unprecedented government support measures that must be used. In particular, these measures provide for the possibility of saving up to 80% of the funds intended for the implementation of this product. We help to significantly reduce labor costs for obtaining such support,” he said.

The presented digital product has a number of advantages, including individual configuration, which involves operation on various operating systems and database management systems, access from all modern browsers. The modularity of the product allows the assembly of separate functional configurations for various tasks and specific business requirements, and operational flexibility makes it possible to quickly add and process new types of documents, adjust their attribute composition, as well as their life cycle routes.

An important feature of the product is the differentiation of access to data in accordance with the role of the employee in the organization, as well as the possibility of logical isolation of data and functionality. Thanks to the scaling resources, the user can perform clustering at any level – services, business logic and databases, providing simultaneous comfortable work with the system up to 50 thousand users or more.


Rosatom State Corporation is a global technological diversified holding that unites assets in the energy, engineering, and construction industries. Includes more than 300 enterprises and organizations employing 275 thousand people. Since 2018, it has been implementing a unified digital strategy (UDS), which involves multifaceted work in a number of areas. In the direction “Participation in the digitalization of Russia” is the center of competence of the federal project “Digital Technologies” of the national program “Digital Economy of Russia”; responsible for the creation in Russia by 2024 of a quantum computer; together with the state corporation “Rostec” acts as a co-executor of the roadmap for the development of the high-tech area “New production technologies”. In the “Digital Products” direction, it develops and brings to the market digital products for industrial enterprises: 15 digital products were released to the market in 2018-2021; six are scheduled to enter the market in 2022. In the “Internal Digitalization” direction, it ensures the digitalization of NPP construction processes, digital import substitution and the creation of a Unified Digital Platform for the nuclear industry. Also, within the framework of the ECS, Rosatom is working on the development of end-to-end digital technologies, including data processing technologies, the Internet of things, production technologies, virtual and augmented reality, neurotechnologies and artificial intelligence, wireless communication technologies, robotics and sensorics, etc.

JSC ASE is an engineering division of the state corporation Rosatom. Includes companies engaged in project management, design and survey, construction and installation works for the construction of large-capacity nuclear power plants in the Russian and international markets of presence. It operates in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. It implements projects for the construction of large-capacity nuclear power plants in Russia and abroad, provides a full range of EPC, EPC(M) services, including project management and design, and develops Multi-D technologies for managing complex engineering objects.

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