Russia is drowning in unsolicited advertising calls, their number is growing uncontrollably

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Russians are suffering from an endless stream of spam calls. During the year, advertisers began to call 73% more often. Residents of the metropolitan regions are the hardest hit, but the trend for an increase in spam is also observed in remote corners of the country.

Indestructible Evil

In Russia, the number of spam calls received on the phones of Russians is growing rapidly, Kommersant writes. Between June 2021 and June 2022, scammers and spammers were 73% more likely to call.

In total, the share of spam calls increased to 14% over the year, although by the beginning of the summer of 2021 it was 8.1%. Such statistics were compiled by Tinkoff, based on the data of his telephone secretary. This service is connected to more than 1 million people throughout Russia.

Representatives of “Yandex” also record an increase in the number of advertising and fraudulent calls in Russia. According to them, over the year they have increased, on average, by 3.2%.

Moreover, if residents of some regions almost do not notice the activation of spammers, then those living in others, on the contrary, take the brunt of it. Thus, over the year, the number of spam calls in the Magadan region increased by 1.6 times, and in the Volgograd region – by 1.4 times.

Capitals out of luck

The callers launched the most powerful spam campaign not in the provinces, but in the metropolitan regions. The statistics of the MTS operator says that most often useless calls that take up time come to the phones of residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow and Leningrad regions, as well as Tatarstan.

The most effective method of fighting spam is to completely block calls from numbers outside the address book

The Tele2 operator cites similar data – they also include the Moscow region and the Leningrad region, plus the Chelyabinsk region is mentioned. MegaFon did not provide territorial statistics on spam calls, but noted that most callers offer financial services. They also impose offers of legal and medical services.

Consequences of the crisis

According to experts interviewed by Kommersant, the growth in the number of spam calls is a result of the desire of an increasing number of companies to save money on promoting their services. In their words, they “decided to use this communication channel as the simplest and cheapest.”

The interlocutors of the publication also noted that spammers are adjusting to the current economic situation in the country. So, during the rapid depreciation of the ruble in the spring of 2022, they offered Russians to keep their savings and buy real estate, and now, against the backdrop of a wave of reductions in companies, they are offering microloans.

An increase in spam calls in specific regions may also point to exclusively regional problems. “Let’s say people don’t have enough money, and there are companies that offer loans,” the source said.

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Internet of Things

Other experts believe that the surge in spam calls outside the metropolitan areas is due to the desire of spammers to save money. In their opinion, bases of telephone numbers from the provinces are cheaper: “Probably, spammers bought a cheaper base in a region where the population’s ability to pay is lower,” the source said.

Automation is useless

Against the background of the overall growth of spam calls in Russia, the number of those made by robots is falling. The Russians are increasingly dropping such challenges. So, since the beginning of 2022, the number of dropped “robotic” calls has jumped by 49.5% to 76% (Tinkoff statistics).

According to an Internet survey by Ipsos, 62% of Russians are not even interested in what the robot wants to offer them, and immediately hang up the call. Moreover, in the age category over 55 years, this figure reaches 70%. The survey was conducted from March 14 to March 27, 2022 in Russian cities with a population of over 100,000 people.

State assistance

The most effective way to fight spam is with an application that cuts off unwanted calls. Smartphones of some popular brands have the function of blocking all calls coming from unknown numbers.

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The Russian authorities and telecom operators are making a feasible contribution to the fight against advertising calls. As CNews reported, in March 2022, work began on the all-Russian anti-spam system, which telecom operators created jointly with the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS).

Project earned in the first days of June 2022. The system is a feedback form on the websites of operators, in which subscribers are asked to indicate the number of the caller, the date and time of the call, as well as its purpose. After verification, the number will be blocked.

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